HUNK FLASH Kirill Ryabov

Kirill Ryabov by Tema Saturday

With our busy days training, working, living and catching up with things in general, it’s become increasingly difficult to find fitness models with enough time to do the interview with us, and organise these, which explains fewer features and models being showcased these past few months.

We will continue to look for and introduce new models and photogs with full posts, including interviews, but we are launching a new feature at Stunning Men 


A short post focused on a model, whom we totally flashed on because they stand out and have caught our attention for various reasons. We will include some basic info on them and feature one photog or two only, who worked with them and up to a dozen shots illustrating their work together.

Our very first HUNK FLASH! is incredibly sexy and newcomer in the fitness modelling world Kirill Ryabov.

23 year old Kirill is yet another stunning model from Russia, here photographed by extraordinary Tema Saturday and Sasha Kosmos

His agent is Andrei Korniv
Check Kirill’s Instagram here and follow him on Facebook too.

We are confident that we will see much more of Kirill in the months to come and we will try and get him to do an interview with us and feature him soon at Stunning Men.

All photographic copyrights to Sasha Kosmos 
and Tema Saturday