Aleksandr Kalmykov

How exciting is it to feature magnificent and gorgeous  Aleksandr Kalmykov at Stunning Men? And as these stunning photos by Stas Vokman (Stanly Photography) illustrate, the words aren’t too strong.

Too often we use the words Demi God to describe beautiful men, when it should really be reserved for extraordinarily magnificent sexy men … and in Aleksandr’s case, it is a perfect fit.

The 24 year old Ukrainian male icon, is a personal trainer, fitness model and Men’s physique athlete at the International Federation of Body Building and Fitness from Kharkov, Ukraine. He is represented by
Andrei Korniv

Aleksandr has joined the exclusive club of Demi Gods ever since he burst into the fitness modelling world a couple of years ago. His incredible physique and gorgeous handsome looks make him perfect for both fashion and fitness modelling

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Aleksandr's agent Andrei Korniv

All photographic copyright to Stas Vokman