Dmitry Averyanov

We are thrilled to feature incredible Dmitry Averyanov at Stunning Men. If you like men to be tall, dark and handsome, then this sexy Adonis is definitely your man.


Dmitry is represented, like many other stunning Russian models, by Andrei Korniv.

One of the latest in a succession of stunning Russian models to burst onto the fitness modelling world these past few years, Dmitry goes straight to the top. 

The soon to be 24 year old hunk was born in Moscow and currently resides there. Dmitry is a fitness model, personal trainer and online coach.

His physique is close to perfection – Dmitry has achieved an incredible body as beautifully exemplified in the posted photos. He has a stunning 8-pack, large square pecs, awesome muscular shoulders and deltoids, beautiful lats, a pair of great guns, strong powerful legs and irresistible obliques.

In black and white or in colour, Dmitry’s sexiness and beauty comes across in abundance. His magnificent physique is complimented by beautiful looks – his awesome square jaw being the highlight of his handsome masculine face.


We are certain to see much more of this hunky fitness model. with incredibly sculpted physique, in the months and years to come, and that we can’t complain about.


Make sure to check Dmitry's and his agent Andrei Korniv's instagram pages by clinking on their names.
You can see more of the photographers' work too by clicking on their respective names.

Dmitry's vital statistic

Height: 6'0"
Chest: 41"
Waist:  33"
Hair colour: dark brown
Eye colour: hazelnut 

Many thanks to Dmitry and his agent Andrei.

All photographic copyrights to the respective photographers


Moninet said…
If I am not mistaken, Dmitry is also known as Alexander Kalmykov.
Anonymous said…
DJ said…
Hi Mominet. Thanks for your comment. Aleksandr is another model I featured a while ago - please check the below link to his post - Alek and Dmitry do have similar physiques and looks and they are both magnificent sexy Russian models!