Photographer Jorge de Reval

We are thrilled and honoured to be featuring incredible Spanish photographer Jorge de Reval at Stunning Men with a selection of his beautiful work. Some of his models are now household names.

Cristian Romero

Juan Bautista

 Marek Fenomeno

Jose Maria Igual


 Jorge's stunning work with beautiful models is extensive, so it has been a difficult task to select a few shots to post here

Roman Khodorov


David Lurs

Anatoly Goncharov

Jorge was born in Madrid of parents with Spanish and Russian heritage. He travelled a lot in Europe, living in Lyon (France), Brussels (Belgium), Prague (Czech Republic) and eventually ended up in Bratislava (Slovakia), but recently moved to Budapest seeking job opportunities.

Konstantin Kamynin (Kirill Dowidoff)

Aaron Hernandez

Denis Gusev

Adrian Zadory (Jay Shaw)

Jorge's passion and knowledge of art is beautifully 
reflected in his work.


Daniel Chan

Please make sure to check Jorge's Facebook page to check his work and show him some love and support by 'liking' it!

Gabor Ibiza



Nacho Maxx



Don't forget to visit Jorge's website to see more of his work! His stunning models also need your support, so have a look at their work too!

Nikita Romanoff

Peter Pál

Here's Jorge's full interview

Jorge, welcome to Stunning Men. It is a great pleasure to finally be able to feature you in our blog, as we have been huge fans for some time now.
Could we start off by talking a little bit about where you are from?
I am from Madrid, the capital of Spain, but I have a Russian background.

You have travelled in Europe quite a bit before settling down in Budapest; what did you enjoy the most?
I have not settled down yet. I am a nomad, I am the grandson of a Cossack and, as Russian poet Mayakovsky, who is also of Cossack dissent, said “I might be right or wrong, but I can’t settled down”. Even Budapest is just one stop of what I call the pilgrimage of my life. What I enjoy the most is being able to speak native languages and learn the culture of each place.

Your work has been admired by many for some years now. How did you become a photographer? Is that something you always wanted to do?

A famous old American photographer discovered me and told me I had a gift.
He taught me the rules and poses for male photography and became my Maestro.

What did you do before you worked as a photographer?
I dedicated all my life to Art and Culture. My day job is as an Art and Language teacher.

You have worked with many stunning models over the years. How do you manage to find such stunning guys over and over again?
I have an eye to recognise beauty and to select it from what I think is ugly. However the concept of beauty and aesthetic has changed over history and it is also subjective and relative. You can communicate with it or not. On the other hand I am the only one who has the courage to scout his own models in the street, sport events or recently in social networks and if I get a no as an answer, I keep going to the next one.

What do you look for in a model? What’s important for you?
I look first at the face, then at the body. Through the face and features, more precisely through the eyes I can view the soul. It is said that the eyes are the window to the soul, the light to the body, as the Bible says.
Other photographers are obsessed by hair, muscles, for me eyes are a way to the person’s world and that is why I always focus on the eyes.

What do you enjoy the most in photography?
The communication with the model. Every time a good model comes, it is a gift for the photographer. They present us with their presence and photography must always be an exchange, a brief but intense relationship, a kind of affair with the model. The best portraits as in Velázquez, happened when there was a big dose of empathy between model and painter, because they knew and trusted each other.

What is your favourite location for a shoot?
‘En plein air’ (outdoors), the impressionist way. The study of natural moving light outdoors but also an artistic interior. The most important is light and the artist’s skills to master it. A location with natural beautiful lighting is more important than the props or even the model. When I arrive in a new location I look at the sun or where light comes from. Light is the beauty.

If you weren’t a photographer, what would you be doing?
I am an artistic soul … what could I do? If you put me in an office, you kill me alive.

Do you have any role models?
Roman Dawidoff (Khodorov) marked a new era in my photography. He is the most photogenic model I have ever worked with and he was my first ¨Muse” and my Russian inspiration.

What do you do to have fun and relax? What are your interests and hobbies?
Travelling around the world and visiting many historical sites. For relaxing, my country house in the Sierra in Spain, which I call my “hermitage”.

What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
Maybe leaving my safe and decent job in Brussels to live the Slavic adventure to “terra incognita¨Pacific, soulin my mountain gh I think I need another life for that ook country house in Spain  which I call my Ermitage.s ,it i

What kind of music do you listen to?
Classical music. The Russians ... but now because I live in Hungary I rediscover Liszt with his Rhapsodies, but also Kodaly.

Where do you see yourselves and what would you like to be doing in let’s say 10 years’ time?
Still visiting Mother Russia and master the language and literature, though I think I need another life for that! But as a counterpart and relaxing in my mountain house.

Finally, what three words describe you best?
Enthusiasm, mysticism and freedom.

Jorge, thank you so much for taking part to this interview and for being such good sports. It was fun and a real pleasure to talk with you. All the best for the future and we are really looking forward to seeing new work from you.