Luke Sutton

We are thrilled to be featuring incredible young athlete Luke Sutton at Stunning Men with photos by the equally incredible Gilles Crofta and Simon Barnes

Luke is an aspiring fitness model from Leicester, UK and looking at his amazing physique at 19 year old and his striking looks, we are left in no doubt about his future in the fitness industry and modelling should he decide to pursue this career.

Luke has been an active guy from an early age and enjoys outdoor sports besides working out at the gym. He has been totally dedicated to his training for the last four years and has remained very focused.

 Many thanks to Luke for accepting to be featured
and for sharing so much during his interview.
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All photographic copyrights to Gilles Crofta

 Vital statistics:
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 210lbs
Waist: 32"
Chest: 46"
Guns: 17.5"
Hair colour: blond
Eye colour: blue

Here is Luke's interview in full

Luke, welcome to Stunning Men and a big thank you for taking the time to do the interview. You are from Leicester, UK ... 
Yes, born and bred.

First thing first ... how did you get into modelling?

When i was 16 I had a few photoshoots and it all lead on from there

What do you think is the most fulfilling thing about modelling?

Getting to show off my physique and seeing the photos displaying the graft I have put in!

How comfortable are you in showing off your physique in a shoot?

I am confident as I know the more confident I am the better the photos will look as your personality shines through the physique

You are looking amazing. How on earth did you get into such shape?

I have been training for 4 years since i was 15 years old, hard work, and most importantly consistently, I don't go out drinking and dedicate my life to looking like this.

When did your passion for fitness start?

When I started seeing results in the gym it really motivated me to train harder, and from there onwards I pictured my physique and that kept me training - the vision to one day look incredible.

What keeps you determined and driven to work out?

I don't need motivation anymore as working out is part of my daily life, I always imagine what my life would be like without training and it's not a good image. Working out isn't a chore to me and it is as simple as eating breakfast in the morning, train hard and get great results.

What is your diet like?

I eat 5 meals a day, consisting of lots of meat, veggies, sweet potato, eggs, whey protein, nuts and other good healthy foods - I also enjoy my cheat days though.

When you have a cheat day, what's your favourite food?
Chocolate cake, pizza, cookies, ice cream, curry.

The all shebang then! Can you share your fitness regimen with us?

I train 6 days a week and hit every muscle group twice a week - high volume all the way, lots of compound exercises and isolation movements also involved - 30 sets for each body part is substantial for me.

And what’s the best form of cardio for you?

I mix all different types of cardio into my regimen, whether it be low intensity, moderate intensity or high intensity - just keep it up and stay consistent.

Now a few quick fun questions if we may? Do you think you are a good date?

No, not at all! (Luke laughs out loud)

This is the first time someone replies 'no' to this question! :-)

Now what's your favourite song or piece of music to play while training or running?

Intense trance music.

Do you have any other passions besides fitness?

Fitness is my main passion but I also enjoy outdoor sports and coming up with new business ventures.

What can’t you live without?

Chocolate! (Luke flashes his gorgeous smile)

Could you finish these two sentences for us? You wouldn’t know, but I’m very good at …

… swimming.

Now ... I’m just not very good at …

… driving

One last question Luke, what is your big dream?

My dream is to be free of all worries and enjoy a lifestyle I can train, chill on the beach and inspire others!

Luke, it has been a real pleasure to interview you! Thank you for your time and for being such good sport. All the best for the future