Cameron Tatham

We are thrilled to welcome the stunning and sexy Cameron Tatham at Stunning Men

with photography by Hot Pixel Photography

 Cameron is an aspiring model from Perth, Western Australia and is represented by CSAModels.

 Cameron is an outdoor kind of guy and has been very active and sportive from childhood. He excelled in swimming and was captain of his athletic team.

Besides fitness and modelling, Cameron enjoys dancing and singing.

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Vital statistics
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 148lbs
Chest: 46"
Waist: 34"
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: brown

Here's Cameron's full interview

Cameron, welcome to Stunning Men and a big thank you for taking the time to do the interview. You are from Perth, Western Australia ...

Yes, that’s correct. Born and bred in Perth.

First thing first ... how did you get into modelling?

I was first approached by a scout when I was in early high school, it all sounded too good to be true so I wrote it off as a scam. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I was approached again by an agency, it’s been pretty full on ever since

What do you think is the most fulfilling thing about modelling?

The people, places and events that I have met and attended along the way have been amazing. It’s something I would not have experienced otherwise. I have made heaps of friends and met so many interesting people through modelling.

How comfortable are you in showing off your physique in a shoot?

Fortunately I am very comfortable with my physical attributes, I’m very comfortable with getting my clothes off.

You are looking great. How did you get into such shape?

By exercising and eating right; I found that it was easy to get into shape but hard to maintain it. I work out regularly and try to eat as healthy as I can, although the best things are not so healthy

When did your passion for fitness start?

From a young age I have always been involved in sports, captain of the athletic team and inter-school champion in swimming. I’m outdoors most of the time, so usually doing something that involves some form of physical exertion. It helps to stay sharp, and the obvious benefit of not looking bad.

What keeps you determined and driven to work out?

Being healthy and fit is a big driving factor, also it’s an outlet for any problems or frustrations so it has its therapeutic benefits as well.

What is your diet like?

It’s pretty relaxed; I’ll eat pretty much anything, and moderation is the key.

If you had a cheat day, what would be your favourite food?

Hot chips, choc chip cookie dough ice cream, this could end up being quite a long list really.

Can you share your fitness regimen with us?

It involves a lot of free weights, I also try to do at least 10km in the pool every week.

And what’s the best form of cardio for you?

Swimming, it’s great for muscles and doesn’t take long to get the heart rate up.

Now a few quick fun questions if we may? Do you think you are a good date?

I’d like to think so, I’m a hopeless romantic and a sucker for a damsel in distress.

Your favourite song or piece of music to play while training or running?

Daft punk - Harder, better, faster, stronger.

Do you have any other passions besides fitness?

I play guitar, dance and sing.

What can’t you live without?

I couldn’t live without my phone or my music.

Could you finish these two sentences for us? You wouldn’t know, but I’m very good at …

… dancing and doing things around the house (I’m a tradesman).

Now ... I’m just not very good at …

… directions or navigating.

One last question Cameron, what is your big dream?

Same as everyone I think, live happily and forever!

Cameron, it has been a real pleasure to interview you! Thank you for your time and for being such good sport. All the best for the future