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Luke Sutton

We are thrilled to be featuring incredible young athlete Luke Sutton at Stunning Men with photos by the equally incredible Gilles Crofta and Simon Barnes

Luke is an aspiring fitness model from Leicester, UK and looking at his amazing physique at 19 year old and his striking looks, we are left in no doubt about his future in the fitness industry and modelling should he decide to pursue this career.

Luke has been an active guy from an early age and enjoys outdoor sports besides working out at the gym. He has been totally dedicated to his training for the last four years and has remained very focused.

Many thanks to Luke for accepting to be featured and for sharing so much during his interview.
Make sure to check his Fitness page and support him by 'liking' it! You can also follow his progress on instagram

Simon Barnes

All photographic copyrights to Gilles Crofta

Vital statistics:
Height: 6'2" Weight: 210lbs
Waist: 32"
Chest: 46"
Guns: 17.5" Hair colour: blond
Eye col…

Cameron Tatham

We are thrilled to welcome the stunning and sexy Cameron Tatham at Stunning Men
with photography by Hot Pixel Photography

 Cameron is an aspiring model from Perth, Western Australia and is represented by CSAModels.

 Cameron is an outdoor kind of guy and has been very active and sportive from childhood. He excelled in swimming and was captain of his athletic team.

Besides fitness and modelling, Cameron enjoys dancing and singing.