Angel Manuel Cortés Piñeiro

Rarely has a person been named more appropriately ... we are thrilled and honoured to be able to feature the magnificent Angel Cortes at Stunning Men!

Angel is a 26 year old fitness model and personal trainer and comes from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico

Angel studied sports management and sport has been part of his life since a very young age - check his interview to see the many sports he has practiced as a boy and young man

Carlos Guerra

 It's in the US army that his passion for fitness started and he has been dedicated to training and living healthy ever since

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Vital statistics:

Height: 6'2"

Weight: 200lbs

Waist: 32"

Chest: 41"

Guns: 16.5”

Eye colour: hazel

Hair colour: brown

Here's Angel's interview in full

Angel, welcome to Stunning Men and a big thank you for taking the time to do the interview. You are from Puerto Rico and currently live in San Juan ...
Yes,  I was born in Guaynabo.

First thing first ... how did you get into modelling?

I actually started about 9 months ago thanks to my cousin Christian Ortiz who was already a model in Puerto Rico for the past 5 years. He introduced me to a local amateur photographer and when the pics came out I got contacted by Anthony Quintana who is a very good designer here in Puerto Rico and I did an official underwear modelling Campaign. From there on I got contacted by modelling agencies and designers here on the island and started working. But I’m not currently signed with anyone.

What do you think is the most fulfilling thing about modelling?

The most fulfilling thing about modelling to me is the people you meet, cultures, ideas and connections I make during the process besides working with photographers and expressing myself in front of the camera. It makes me feel great!

How comfortable are you in showing off your physique in a shoot?

I love that! Once I get that connection with the photographer and his ideas or concept, I adapt to the mood and quickly express myself on set! In a studio or outside. it does not matter.

Which other fitness model would you like to do a shoot with given the opportunity?

Female models ... Michelle Lewin, Key Diaz, Jen Selter, Katya Elise Henrey; male models ... Jeff Seid, Lazar Angelov, Steve Cook and Logan Franklin.

You are looking fantastic. How on earth did you get into such shape?

As a kid coming from a single mother, my mother wanted to keep me busy … so I ended up doing every sport possible; gymnastics, karate, baseball, volleyball, track, basketball, handball and so on. I also love water sports, so I practiced swimming and surfing too! I joined the Army in 2008 when I was 19 and I’ve been training hard since then. For the past 3 years I’ve been weight training and doing various workout, manipulating my body to my mind set.

When did your passion for fitness start?

It started in the military once I noticed how tall and lean I was getting and how fun it was to see my body change with just some physical disciplines.

What keeps you determined and driven to work out?

Health! That’s my number one goal! To stay healthy, feel healthy and look good.

What is your diet like?

I eat healthy. I may once a week eat a pizza or have one beer or two but I always count how much I eat; checking my intake is everything!

If you had a cheat day, what would be your favourite food?

My favourite food is pizza and ice-cream at night!

Can you share your fitness regimen with us?

Of course but I change it every 3 to 4 months depending on what my goals are. But I really like to superset a lot. Until I exhaust my muscles.

And what’s the best form of cardio for you?

My best form of cardio is spinning classes; I do them daily before a workout. I can’t cheat myself out of a class and I get my pumps before my workout.

Now a few quick fun questions if we may? Do you think you are a good date? 
(Angel laughs) well I am currently dating this beautiful girl … and from what I heard I’m lots of fun and all I do is laugh and have a good time.

Your favourite song or piece of music to play while training or running?

I love to listen to house music, rap music and stuff like because it really doesn’t have much lyrics so I can go with the beat and make my own movie in my head and just kill the weights! (more laughs)

Do you have any other passions besides fitness?

I love to surf. It’s just another way to meditate and just expand your thoughts out in the ocean where it’s just you and Mother Nature.

What can’t you live without?

There is nothing material I can’t live without, but I would never like to be without my family! Family first!

Could you finish these two sentences for us? You wouldn’t know, but I’m very good at …

… helping people figure out their training cycle more easily without injuring themselves and helping them also in time management at the gym so they can get the most out of the gym!

Now ... I’m just not very good at …

… contact sports because I injured my back in the army so I need to take care of myself.

One last question Angel, what is your big dream?

My dream is to own my own restaurant and 24 hour gym. This way I can both train and supply a good clean meal to my customers.

Angel, it has been a real pleasure to interview you! Thank you for your time and for being such good sport. All the best for the future.