Greg Plitt 2

Gregory George Plitt, to give his full name, is undisputedly America’s No. 1 male fitness model and has been a feature in the fitness world at top level for a few years now. 

With stunning looks besides his incredible physique, Greg is considered the epitome of aesthetics in the weightlifting world and is now regarded by many as a living legend.

There are thousands of posts, articles and features all over the net and millions of photos it seems, but as he is the inspiration to so many fitness models we have featured over the years, it is only fitting that we featured him again at Stunning Men after 3 years.

Anybody who is remotely interested in male fitness will be aware of who Greg is, so we will keep the info basic. Greg, who will turn 37 this November, is a certified personal trainer and cover model - with over 100 fitness magazines covers to his name and 25 romance novels.

He has also appeared in several movies as himself and as an actor; he starred in the Bravo television series Work Out. He is from Baltimore, Maryland, but currently resides in Los Angeles, California, United States.

Greg says that he has been a fitness buff since his dad bought a home gym when he was in sixth grade. He has modelled for some of the best photographers such as Luis Rafael, Michael Anthony Downs, Jason Ellis, Pat Lee, Mark Jenkins and Cory Sorensen to name a few.

Recognised all over the world as one of the top athletes, Men's Fitness magazine named Greg one of America's 25 Fittest Americans, DNA Magazine calls him one of the 60 Sexiest Men Alive and syndicated TV show EXTRA named him one of America's most eligible bachelors.

Greg is a sponsored athlete for MET-Rx Engineered Nutrition, Under Armour Performance Apparel and Gold’s Gym and has done countless commercials. 

He is a very inspirational athlete and his workout videos are world famous. If you need motivation, simply look at Greg's physique and listen to him speak passionately about training and fitness.

Before his modelling and acting career, Greg was a U.S. Army Ranger, a graduate of West Point Military Academy, a former Army captain and company commander, a two-time All-America wrestler and a PRO-rated skydiver with more than 1500 jumps to date.

Vital statistics:
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 195lbs
Hair: brown
Eyes: green

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 Check his website, where you'll find tons of info, photos and videos (members section), visit his Facebook page and 'lilke' it if you have yet (he has well over 1/2 million 'likes') and his YouTube chanel for dozens of fitness videos.