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Izaak Stoks

 Izaak Stoks by David Broadway

We are thrilled to feature Izaak Stoks, a young stunning Australian aspiring model from Perth, Western Australia.

Izaakis a personal trainer
and is represented by CSAModels

Besides fitness, Izaak loves playing the guitar and the drums.

Many thanks to Izaak for doing the interview and accepting to be featured at Stunning Men. Make sure to read his interview at the end of his profile!

AAG Brendon D

We are thrilled to welcome gorgeous Brendon at Stunning Men,an 18 year old inspiring fitness model from Florida, USA.
 Brendon D. by Michael Anthony Downs
He is a very active guy and likes everything athletic ... in case you hadn't noticed his stunning physique!

Brendon joined AllAmericanGuys in April last with stunning photos by the amazing Michael Anthony Downs.

Among his hobbies, and besides training at the gym, Brendon likes going to the movies with action films and comedies being his favourites.