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Scott King

We are absolutely thrilled to be able to feature the amazing multi-talented Scott King! Never before has a name suited a man so well - we present you the KING of fitness!

Simon Barnes

Scott is a 37 year old (damn, does he look amazing!) fitness and fashion model, club and radio DJ - more about his DJing in a follow up post - and an all round sportive and active guy.

Stephanie Pantling

Scott has a passion for life and healthy living and his training comes second to none (bar his little boy, whom he adores!), and a love for boxing - just check his youtube vid at the end of this post.

Simon Barnes

Over the years, Scott has dedicated his life to doing his best and achieving his goals. He loves spending time with his friends, to have fun and make people smile, for not only is Scott a magnificent athlete, but he also is an awesome friendly guy!

Stephanie Pantling

A huge thank you to Scott for accepting to be featured at Stunning Men and for doing this amazing interview with us. Make sure to check h…

Leigh Pitchford

We are excited to welcome the gorgeous and stunning Leigh Pitchford at Stunning Men. Leigh is represented by Crew Models international.


James Demitri

Leigh is an Australian model from Sydney, originally from Perth, Western Australia, with a mixed Australian, Irish and Dutch background, which no doubt contributes to his gorgeous looks.

Keith Archer

He has done a variety of modelling work with local and international photographer and some acting in shorts 
and music videos. He has an eye on professional acting and is very keen in pursuing this career.

Chris Huzzard

Jeff Marano