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Daniel-James Porter-Green

Stunning and sexy Daniel-James Porter-Green is a 28 year old fitness and underwear model from Newport, Isle of Wight, who now lives in Portsmouth, UK. He is a sponsored athlete at NRGFUEL Sport Nutrition.

Simon Barnes

This gentle 'giant' athlete - an impressive 6'5" - is fast becoming a favourite at Stunning Men and in the fitness world!

Alex Wightman

Thomas Evans

We are thrilled to feature Thomas Evans, a stunning
Australian artist and model 
from Brisbane, Queensland, Australia.

If you like your men hunky, then Thomas has the whole package! Besides his physical attributes, he is a creative person and is an ambitious, determined and down to earth guy. Thomas is represented by CSAModels

Thomas is dedicated to his training and healthy lifestyle and keeps fit all year round with the help of football and boxing practice.

Many thanks to Thomas for doing the interview and accepting to be featured at Stunning Men.

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Thomas's vital statistics: Height: 6'1.6" Weight: 198lbs Wais

Andrew Morrill Part 1