Brian Lewis

Brian by Carl Proctor

We are thrilled to welcome the stunning and gorgeous Brian Lewis at Stunning Men. Brian is a 24 year old NPC men's physique competitor, fitness model and personal trainer. He was born in Norfolk, VA, grew up in Arlington, Tx until 8th grade then moved to Minnesota and graduated high school there.

 Fitness has always been the main focus in Brian's life, from sports at an early age, through High School where he excelled at football and ran track. Brian won 2 state championships in football and was a champion sprinter in the 100m and 200m in Track.

Brian joined the navy as a rescue swimmer. When he got out he moved to Virginia Beach and started personal training. Before starting competing in Men's Physique Brian was a Powerlifter and competed at the 165lb weight class and Bench Pressed 340lbs and Deadlifted 435lbs. He then focused on nutrition and developing as a natural men's physique competitor.

Brian has competed in 8 men's physique competitions and he is sponsored by Optimum Nutrition, ABB Performance, and Naturally Jacked. His next competition will be in Charleston, South Carolina at the NPC Jr USA's and he will be competing in Men's Physique, trying to earn an IFBB pro card.

Carl Proctor

Brian's first photoshoot was with Carl Proctor in Atlanta, GA and most recently he shot with Michael Anthony Downs

We would like to thank Brian for accepting to be featured and for providing us with some of the biography info. We wish him all the best for the future and for his coming NPC competition in Charleston!

Please show him some love by checking his facebook page and 'liking' it! You can also follow him, PowerhouseBrian on twitter and instagram

All photography copyrights to Michael Anthony Downs and Carl Proctor

Vital statistics:
Height: 5' 9" 
Weight: 175 lbs 
Chest: 46" 
Waist: 30" 
Arms: 16.5"
Eye Color: Blue 
Hair Color: Brown

Here's Brian's work split, which he switches up every 4 weeks
Monday Power Chest/Triceps (6-8 reps/Triceps 10-12 reps) Tuesday Quads/Calves (Quads 6-12 reps/Calves 25-30 reps) 
Wednesday Shoulders/Traps (10-12 reps) 
Thursday Back/Biceps (8-10 reps) 
Friday • Chest Hypertrophy (10-15 reps) • Hams/Calves (Hams 10-12 reps/Calves 25-30 reps) 
Saturday Arms Hypertrophy [supersets] (10-15 reps) 
Sunday OFF

Here is Brian's impressive competition results 
1st Place - 2011 Power-Up Contest (Powerhouse Gym, Norfolk, VA) 
1st Place - 2012 Flex Gym Bench and Deadlift Classic - Bench Press (Flex Gym, VA) 
1st Place - 2012 Flex Gym Bench and Deadlift Classic - Deadlift (Flex Gym, VA) 
2nd Place - 2012 OCB - Battle For Tidewater - Men's Physique (VA Beach, VA) 
1st Place - 2012 INBF Neptune Classic - Men's Physique (VA Beach, VA) 
1st Place - 2012 INBF Neptune Classic - Male Sports Model (VA Beach, VA) 
3rd Place - 2012 OCB New York State Natural - Men's Physique (Syracuse, NY) 5th Place (Qualified for Nationals) - 2013 NPC Baltimore Gladiator - Men's Physique (Baltimore, MD) 
2rd Place - 2013 WBFF Fitness Atlantic Championships - Fitness Model (Wallingford, CT) 
3rd Place - 2013 WBFF Fitness Atlantic Championships - Muscle Model (Wallingford, CT) 
1st Place - Physique of the Week (Week ending 5-12-2013) 6th Place - 2013 NPC JR USA Championships - Men's Physique (Charleston, SC) 
3rd Place - 2013 WBFF Boston Championships - Fitness Model (Medford, MA) 
2nd Place - 2013 NPC MetRx Rocky Mountain Classic - Men's Physique (Denver, CO)


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