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Mitchell Connolly

Stunning Mitchell Connolly is an Australian fitness model from New South Wales and we are excited to be featuring him at Stunning Men!

Michael Jepsen

Mitchell is your typical blond beach hunk with a great physique and gorgeous looks. He is represented by CSAModels

Always on the move and very active, Mitchell is an ambitious down to earth young man. He is also very direct.

Edmund Edwards

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Leland Wilce

We are thrilled to feature Leland Wilce, a gorgeous 
22 year old Australian model 
from Atherton, Queensland, Australia.

Leland is represented by CSAModels. Please welcome him at Stunning Men and show your support in your comments.

Leland describes himself as a country boy and we can definitely imagine him in the outback, shirtless, running and exercising ...

An ambitious and down to earth young man, Leland is dedicated to his training and healthy lifestyle and keeps fit all year round

Vital statistics: Height: 5'11" Weight: 180lbs Waist: 32" Chest: 41" Eyes: hazel/green Hair: Brown

Photography copyrights to Russell Fleming

Many thanks to Leland for doing the interview and accepting to be featured.

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