Joshua Sean McCann

by Michael Brown

We are thrilled to be able to feature stunning Joshua Sean McCann, a 23 year old American model and comedian from Sarasota, Florida, USA.  

John Joseph Revisky

 One of his passions is to entertain people, and he certainly is a funny down to earth guy! Check his page for some fun clips! 

Kelly Nelson

Joshua loves his tattoos and if you like ink, you're going to love him! An inked skateboarder with amazing eyes ... that's an interesting sight down the streets!

Michael Brown

Many thanks to Joshua for taking the time to do the interview with us.

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Here's Joshua's full interview

Joshua, welcome to Stunning Men and a big thank you for taking the time to do the interview.

Thanks so much for featuring me!

Could we start off with talking a little about yourself and your background? You live and are from Sarasota, Florida ... what can you tell us about your background?

I'm 23, from Sarasota, Florida, born and raised. I'm Italian and Irish. I was raised by my wonderful father and get alot of my traits from him. The humour, the positive attitude, and most of all a big heart.

How did you get into modelling?

Well it basically has always been a dream for me, so I started shooting with photographers and building relationships with them. Always take advice even if it's negative.

What do you enjoy the most about it?

The art of it, the capturing of the moments ... that can turn into beautiful art.

How do you prepare before a photoshoot?

(laughs) I work out a lot try not to eat too much and no partying.

How do you keep in shape and healthy? Do you practise any sport?

Skatebord, workout, run the beach.

What are your top three favourite gym exercises?

Chest, shoulders and triceps.

What’s the best form of cardio for you?

Running ... I always hated it but I built up a tolerance for I now love it.

You are a good looking guy – what do you think is your best asset?

I’m very confident with my eyes.

And if you could change one thing about your body, what would that be?

My stomach to be more rippped!

You obviously like ink ... what’s the story behind your tattoos?

My tattoos have a story just like everyone elses, my sleeve is Oriental because ever since I was a little boy i always loved karate; my granfather was a grandmaster in kung fu, the form Bruce Lee mastered. A lot of my arm is from the Karate Kid movie, the rising sun, koi fish dragon, the oriental tree. I have a quote on my rib cage Faith is knowing there is an ocean when you can only see the stream. It was a fortune cookie I got when going through a rough time in life. Gave me hope.

How do you approach a challenge?

With a positive mind set.

What do you do in your down time?

Well, I work full time in a factory doing manufacturing.

Do you have any role models? People who inspire you?

My grandparents ... they are such wonder people to look up to, my grandma passed away but they where married 65 years, now I hope I can find a true love like that.

Now a few quick fun questions if we may? Do you think you are a good date?

I mean ya ... there will never be a dull moments with me (Joshua laughs).

What do you think is the secret to a good relationship?

Honesty and communication.

Are you a brief man or a boxer kinda guy?

I actually don’t wear any on a daily basis (more laughs).

What do you listen to on your iPod?

I'm very open to anything actually county, rap, metal, classical, what every mood I feel like that day I will base it on that.

Your favourite song or piece of music to play while training or running?

I love to work out to upbeat music, dubstep or punk.

What kind of movies do you like?

Comedy! (Joshua smiles)

What can’t you live without?

My hair ... I love my hair! I'd cry if I went bald (Big laugh).

Could you finish these sentences for me? You wouldn’t know, but I’m very good at ...

... skateboarding.

However, I’m just not very good at ...

... staying focused (more laughs from Joshua).

What’s the best thing ever invented?

Ranch dressing ... it goes good with everything! (another smile)

What three words describe you best?

Outgoing, funny, caring.

One last question Joshua, where do you see yourself and what would you like to be doing in 10 years time?

You never know in life ... but my passions are to entertain people for a living, either comedy, movies, and of course be a top model and be the eye candy that people want to eat! (Joshua flashes his gorgeous smile)

Joshua, it has been a real pleasure to interview you! Thank you for your time and for being a good sport. All the best for the future!

Thank you for giving me the opportunity and letting me take the time to tell you about myself!


Toni Dare said…
He's definitely a gift and I love looking at him.