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Michael John Anthony Toscano ... an American in London ...

We first featured stunning Michael Toscano a couple of years ago with amazing work by Abel Cruz, Jorge Freire and Edwin J'Lebron (make sure to check his previous posts by clicking on the labels at the end of this post). We didn't get to do an interview with him at the time, so his visit to London was the perfect opportunity to meet up with him and ask him a few questions.

And we weren't going to pass on the chance to take a few casual shots of him with the fantastic backdrop that London provides. On first meeting him you are not only struck by how stunning he looks, but also by how warm and friendly he is.

Michael is from Rochester, upstate New York and as his name suggests, he is of Italian origins. He says that he is very family oriented, they mean the world to him and that he takes pride in representing his heritage.

Malachy O'Connor