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Tim White

Stunning Tim White is a young up and coming Australian model from Perth, Western Australia.

Towering at 6'3", Tim is a most beautiful guy with a stunning physique and very handsome looks. If the word 'hunk' wasn't created for Tim, it certainly suits him brilliantly!

Tim has always been very sportive, focusing on hockey and cricket and a very disciplined guy in regards to training and eating/living healthily.

We are excited and honoured to be able to feature Tim at Stunning Men and to have interviewed him. We are certain that you are going to love him!

Cody James Redmond

The stunning and gorgeous Cody Redmond is an up and coming fitness model from the east coast of Florida. Although he grew up there, Cody was actually born in Queens, New York City.

Screencaps from Cody's videos at AAG

Cody was discovered by the great Luis Rafael who worked with him in Miami and he has just joined with amazing photos by Michael Anthony Downs.

Cody also worked with the amazing Golden Czermak at FuriousFotog

At only 22 years of age, Cody already has a fantastic physique and this combined with stunning looks is sure to take him all the way to the top of the Fitness World!

Cody has been a very active guy since a very young age and enjoys all sports but he especially loves bodybuilding.

Matt Oregan

We are thrilled to present the stunning Matt Oregan, a 21 year old aspiring model from Perth, Western Australia.

Matt is one of the most stunning guys at CSAModels
with striking looks and a superb physique.

Matthas been a very active guy since chilhood and was a very keen Australian Football League player.