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Mickey by Manuscript Photography

The model ...

Mickey is a young student and aspiring model originally from California. He is a very charismatic and romantic guy who loves the beach. Mickey is a sports enthusiastbut academics are for him equally important.

He was discovered by photographer Michael Anthony Downs last year and he has recently worked with one of our favourite photographers at Stunning Men, the talentedManuscript Photography, whose work we have featured several times.

Not only is Mickey a gorgeous sexy man but he has a personality to match. You won't find a sweeter more charming guy and it truly was a pleasure to interview him.

 With his boyish great looks, lean toned physique and awesome personality, we will no doubt see more of Mickey in he near future, adorning billboards and gracing the pages of some top fashion magazines.

... the photographer

Anton Agat

Stunning Anton Agat is a young Russian sportsman and fitness model from Saint Petersburg.

The 25 year old athlete and former bodybuilder is very down to earth and is an extremely self disciplined man. Anton has been very active from an early age and has practised many sports over the years.

He worked very hard to achieve success in bodybuilding and is now totally dedicated to his training and healthy living, to reach the ultimate physique and the goals he has set himself.

Anton is fairly new to fitness modelling and his love for self developing and learning is served well by this newly found passion, as it allows him to travel the world.