Kirill Dowidoff 5

by Serge Lee

The magnificent and sexy Kirill Dowidoff continues to amaze us all with his work as a model. He is one of the most gorgeous and sexy models around and he certainly is one of Stunning Men's favourites!

We are once more absolutely thrilled and excited to present Kirill's latest work!

Kirill's work with ES Collection has been stunning and the latest campaign - FIERCE 2013 - is nothing less than spectacular! And Kirill is looking at his best in it!


But don't take our words for it ... just look for yourself! Don't forget to watch the 2 minute video at the end of this post.

Make sure to check Kirill's facebook page and follow his stunning sexy work!

watch sexy Kirill in this ES FIERCE Campaign 2013 video

Here's a short interview with Kirill

Kirill, it is a pleasure to be able to interview you again.

Hey! I am very happy to meet again with you.

You have been busy modelling since our first interview. Any interesting travelling?

I travel a lot. I was in Italy lately, Milan and Venice. I was invited to the ES Collection in Madrid and Barcelona. There were many amazing work. I met some wonderful people from ES Collection team. These people are unique in their creativity and positive energy!

You have just modelled for the ES Fierce campaign 2013. How was working with Joan Crisol like?

I am very glad that I have met with the master of image, Joan Crisol. He is a very talented photographer. We did a lot of photos with him. You've only seen a small part of ES Fierce 2013! Watch out for the ES Collection advertising. There’s much more collaborative work to come.

How did you find working with animals such as tigers and eagles?

It was really great! Science is my life. The first time it was really very scary. But then I realised that they were tamed animals which were accustomed to people. That's why everything was alright. The tiger was the most friendly animal! It's like a big cat. It always wanted to play. The eagle was very big and it was very heavy! It wasn't easy, when it was sitting on my hand.

This must have been exciting ...

Yes, very. I like science; that’s why it was very interesting for me. I felt very comfortable.

You have also recently worked with Serge Lee. How was this shoot like?

Sergey Lee is very friendly. My work with him was professional, easy and interesting. I am proud that I worked with him.

The photos are superb and you have a perfect physique. How much time do you spend at the gym to keep in top shape?

I love body fitness. I train 6 times a week for 60 to 70 minutes.

You have just done a shoot with Dima Kub; beautiful work, very edgy.
I really liked working with young photographer from Moscow Dima Kub. I enjoyed working with soft tone light. We almost only shot by the light from the window. I liked the open working atmosphere. Dima is in front ... he is a real talent!

What is your ambition in modelling?

I want to work with the best brands in the world. And I want to be famous and rich.

Kirill, thank you once more for speaking to us and for sharing your amazing work with us. All the best.