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Rob Bell

This is the first time that we feature an athlete who has never done a professional photoshoot.

But in Rob's case, we are happy to make an exception as he has a stunning physique and we hope that more people will get tonotice him and follow his work.

Rob is a 20 year old personal trainer from New Jersey, USA, and aspiring model. We believe he has great potential in fitness modelling. We really hope that his profile at Stunning Men can help him get a photographer to work with him.

Justin Maina : Stunning Man of the Year 2012

Stunning Justin Maina has just been crown Stunning Man of the Year 2012!
He wins with over 51% of the votes.

Please join us to congratulate him and wish him all the best for the future!

Manuscript Photography

Michael Anthony Downs

Luis Rafael

A huge thank you to all the other gorgeous and sexy models who participated to the end of the year poll and to all the models featured in this blog in 2012!

Corbin Richard Garner

Stunning and hunky Corbin Richard Garner is an inspiring fitness model. He was born and bred in Boise, Idaho, USA, where he still lives.

Growing up Corbin was always the smaller kid that got picked on. His mother introduced him to the gym when he was 13 year old. At first he didn’t know what I was doing but he was dedicated, had drive and motivation to show all my haters he was better than them!

Through the years of working out and playing football Corbin sustained some injuries.After a lot of hard work and rest, Corbin made a pretty big come back, but was not satisfied with himself. He made big changes in his life; he went from eating anything and everything to cleaning up his diet. His diet consists of fish, chicken, rice, steak and steamed vegetables.