Stunning Man of the Year 2012

From over 100 models featured this year and several polls, we are down to 13 gorgeous and sexy guys for our final poll - Stunning Man of the Year 2012!

On top of the 11 models voted by you each month, visitors and subscribers, we are adding the top two runner ups - we just couldn't pick between them! :-)

So, here are the 13 Stunning Men to chose from ... 

You can vote ONCE a day only but can vote as many times as you want to make sure your favourite wins! 

The poll will close on Sunday 6th January 2013 at 8pm (GMT)

Please comment about your favourite models, share the poll and tell your friends to come and vote too!

Don't forget to go back to the models' original posts to check for more photos of your favourite. 
Just click the LABELS at the end of this post! :-)

Thank you!


Al Gonzalez said…
Den Wok is the best mael model 2012
Anonymous said…
Justin deserves to win! Nobody even comes close.
Anonymous said…
Yeah Justin!
Anonymous said…
I hope Justin wins because just looking at him, you can tell that he has really worked very hard to get that body in shape.