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Happy New Year to Everyone!

As 2012 draws to an end I would like to wish you all my followers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! 

May 2013 bring you all health, love and success in reaching your goals! 
See you all next year! xx

Gary Taylor


Teudhys Martinez

Stunning Teudhys Martinez is a Cuban model and actor from the small town of Cojimar, Cuba. He now resides in Newark, New Jersey, US.  Teudhys is the proud father of a little girl.

Luis Rafael

Teudhys is 27 year old and describes himself as a sports jock. He has always been very sportive and he used to play baseball in a major academy in Cuba. He also played softball, basketball, volleyball, soccer, tennis and practiced swimming.

Luis A Gonzalez


Today he plays basketball a lot and likes to keep in shape. By looking at his awesome physique, you just know that Teudhys is serious about his training and healthy live style.

Luis Rafael

He is fairly new to modelling and finds it a lot of fun and really enjoys doing it. Teudhys feels extremely lucky to have the opportunity to do what he loves and even get paid for it!

Lucas Huang

Teudhys has worked as an extra in some Cuban movies and has done a little acting in soap opera in Miami.

Alex Borghi

He works hard to achieve his dreams and goals and wants to…

Jordan 7

Stunning and sexy JORDAN is back with some exclusive sexy edgy photos by talented photographer Cesar Ochoa!

With a different and unique look, JORDAN is a favourite model at Stunning Men and we are always proud and thrilled to feature his new work.

So if you are a fan of this sexy and refreshingly 'au naturel' model, you will always see his new material here first!


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Kirill Dowidoff 3

Stunning Kirill Dowidoff is paying us another visit with brand new photos bySergey Tilov andRuslan Elquest!

It is difficult not to find yourself under Kirill's charm! With his stunning looks and magnificent physique, Kirill is one of the top models featured at Stunning Men!