Justin Maina

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Stunning Florida native Justin Maina, is an actor and model. At 27 Justin is a busy successful guy who has worked hard to achieve a stunning physique, with the help of a healthy lifestyle.

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Justin has done several commercials and he is rising rapidly in the modelling world, having worked with well known photographers.

Justin’s main passion is acting and he believes modelling will help him develop as an actor too.
Justin is a very active guy and has many strings to his bow.

With his stunning physique and gorgeous looks, a friendly professional attitude and total dedication, we know that Justin will achieve his goals and succeed in life!

Manuscript Photography

 We are thrilled Justin accepted our invitation to feature at Stunning Men and warmly thank him for doing the interview, which we are certain will demonstrate that he is not just a pretty face!

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Vital statistics
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 155lbs
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: blonde
Skin colour: tanned

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two shots from Justin's latest beach video at AAG

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Here's Justin's interview in full

Justin, a warm welcome to Stunning Men and many thanks for taking the time to do the interview.
Could we start off with talking a little about yourself? You say you are a true Florida native; you must love the sun and the sea ...
I’m originally from Miami and moved to the Tampa Bay area to continue my education in Bio-Medical Sciences at USF. I love the beaches and enjoy zipping around Tampa Bay in my boat.

You’re pursuing a career as an actor, I believe. Is that something you always wanted to do?
The acting industry was a route I’ve always wanted to pursue, but it wasn’t until roughly 5 years ago that I really started looking into it. After many acting classes, meeting with talent agencies, casting directors, and booking a few commercials, I became determined to further develop connections and a reputation that would push me to the top! Personally, I realised that if I wanted to make it as an actor, I also needed to start modelling to help open doors into acting. I never thought of the possibility of modelling until one of my best friends Dana encouraged me to get into better shape and to just start doing it!

Can you tell us about some acting or modelling work you have done lately?
Some international shoots for Acura, a National commercial for Airstransat Airways and becoming a regular model on the Home Shopping Network are a few of my recent achievements this year, and I look forward to many more opportunities!

What are your views on modelling?
Modelling has been a learning experience for me in many ways. First, it has aided in building confidence in acting, public speaking, as well as feeling more comfortable in my skin all around!
However, the modelling/acting industry does have its dark side. If anyone were to consider modelling or acting, please consider your main reasons for entering into one of the most self-centred/narcissistic fields! There’s nothing wrong with modelling or acting, in fact it’s a very important industry (maybe too important), but I think the healthiest, best models/actors are those who DON’T try to imitate anyone else; they are simply themselves and allow that unique character to shine. There will never be anyone just like you, so be yourself and you’ll stand out amongst the typical fake/copycat actor! The industry is always looking for original talent. Besides, it’s priceless to be free enough to just be yourself. It’s also essential for me to be accountable in this industry and to have a solid foundation, or I’d soon be like the waves in the ocean being pushed in whichever direction the wind changes. I refuse to be manipulated outside my core values.

You have a stunning physique. What exercises do you do to keep in top shape?
I keep in shape by keeping an active lifestyle (acrobatics, water sports, landscaping projects and dancing), choosing to work out when I don’t feel like it, having the desire to always push my limits and maintaining a moderate diet. To be in the best shape of my life, I must always be ready for an opportunity. Because I run a very spontaneous business, I’m forced to work out/run usually late at night. Many times in life, you just have to do things you don’t feel like doing!

What do you eat in a normal day?
My diet is honestly as sporadic as my schedule. Typically, I maintain a moderate diet and stricken my diet prior to photoshoots. The most difficult part of my diet is limiting my carb intake in the evenings.

Do you allow yourself a cheat day? If so, what is your guilty pleasure?
My favourite snack food is beef jerky, and when I’m really being bad, I’ll have a large bowl of mint chocolate chip ice cream around midnight!

Do you have any role models? People who inspire you?
A few role models in this industry include Brad Pitt, Christian Bale, Jim Caviezel, Chris Evans, Cam Gigandet, Rusty Joiner and Greg Plitt.

How do you keep motivated?
My main motivation is my relationship with Jesus. It’s far from perfect, but what relationship is? What counts is me genuinely striving to live a Godly life, regardless of life’s many obstacles. Being a Christian motivates me to live a life with integrity and heart! I’ve chosen to allow God and a few mentors to help guide my direction in this industry.

What do you do in your down time?
Skiing, wakeboarding, tubing and cruising around the Gulf and Bay waterways are among my favourite ways to relax and take advantage of the Florida lifestyle. I only started boating a few years ago, so I look forward to taking my boat down to Miami or the Keys soon for a several day voyage!

Now a few quick fun questions if you are game? Do you think you are a good date?
I’ve been asked if I’m a good date, and I think I would be … if I dated. If I liked someone, I’d invite them out with my other friends so I would have a real chance of getting to know her. I’m not into meeting the typical “fake person” you experience while dating.

What kind of movies do you like?
I go to the movie theatre often, but one of my favourite movies is The Count of Monte Cristo.

What three words describe you best?
If I were to use only 3 words to describe myself, they’d be: Giving, Loyal and Blessed.

One last question Justin, where do you see yourself and what would you like to be doing in 5 years time?
In 5 years time, I’d like the lead in a feature film/TV series, and have developed and pitched a couple of my inventions and ideas!

Justin, thank you for your time and for being a good sport. It was a pleasure to do this interview with you! All the best for the future!