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Edward B

Stunning Edward is a young Australian model from CSAModels

Edward is from Christchurch, New Zealand but currently lives in Perth, Western Australia.

We are thrilled to welcome him at Stunning Men with a selection of great photos from Steve Green.

Stunning Man of the Month 8

Congratulations to magnificent and sexy Russian model Den Wok who has just been crowned Stunning Man of the Month for September!

Den wins with nearly 38% of the votes, the second highest winning score of the year!

He will be competing for the Stunning Man of the Year 2012 title in December, as Mr September.

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and don't forget to check his previous posts at Stunning Men, in case you haven't already, featuring a large selection of his work! Just click on the label below ...

Adam Coussins 4

Magnificent and sexy Adam Coussins, a now regular model at Stunning Men, is producing amazing work after amazing work!

We love his work with Photoworld, some sexy and edgy shots of one of Stunning Men's favourite models!


His extensive portfolio is a succession of stunning sexy and edgy photos by some of the best photographers around.

These shots by Nige Rorbach are another tribute to his hotness and sexiness!

Nigel Rorbach

We are thrilled to be able to present them to you and hopefully will be able to add some more from the superb shoot!

Nigel Rorbach


All photography copyrights to Nige Rorbach and Jon at Photoworld.
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Lochland R