Jordan 5

We are thrilled to welcome back our favourite French model with new work by Paul Freeman.
Jordan currently lives in Canada. Stunning Men love his work and his real man look and these latest shots by Paul Freeman illustrate his sexiness and manliness so well ...

Jordan is celebrating 10 years of modelling and he had the chance to pose for very famous photographers such as Pierre et Gilles and Paul Freeman to name but two.

He worked with a few artists such as Lady Gaga for Rolling Stones magazine. Jordan has just done a runaway for a fashion show during last fashion week.

He has two books just out: a new Paul Freeman's book 'Outback Bushmen' (where he posed in the altogether!) and 'Fur, The Love Of Hair' (a big book-signing-tour was organised last summer in America where Jordan signed some copies) and he has a big project in Brazil coming soon.

Outback Cover

So Jordan is keeping busy and it's all for your pleasure and ours!
Make sure to visit Jordan's website and explore his work some more.

You can also check his previous 4 posts at Stunning Men by clicking on the labels at the end of this post. 


T-Rex said…
This is hot.
Gorgeous face, gorgeous smile, gorgeous body, gorgeous chest, gorgeous hair, gorgeous bush, gorgeous co..
Perfect man!