Gary Taylor 2

It is now time for an update for super gorgeous and sexy Gary!

Over the past few months Gary has been training hard to achieve an amazing physique. He is bigger, hotter and sexier than ever!

His shoulders and guns have grown admirably; his chest has developped more; his abs are tighter and more defined and his legs/thighs have reached aming shape and size!

Let's enjoy Gary some more with photos from his profile at All American Guys.

All photos copyrights to Mike A. Downs.
*** Please note that the last 5 pictures are screencaps from Gary's latest AAG video. This explains the average quality of the images. ***


Anonymous said…
WOW!. This one is really stunning. To my mind, AAG models are the most beautiful men of the world. I am waiting anxiously an update for ADAM A. and my favourite from among them, Danny. By the way, I'd love to see screencaps like these from a Danny's video. Could you to get it?. Congratulations for this stunning blog.
Anonymous said…
Three words "Dead Beat Dad"