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Matthew by Steve Green

Stunning Matthew is a young Australian student and model at CSA Models, he is from Perth, Western Australia.

New to modelling Matthew is excited by the prospect of working with great photographers, meeting people and travelling all over the world.

Matthew is a very down to earth guy and has a good head on his shoulders; besides his great looks and fine muscular physique, this will help him get far in the modelling industry.

He doesn’t play sports but goes to the gym regularly and runs too.

We are thrilled to welcome Matthew at Stunning Men and to have had the pleasure of interviewing him.

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with Sidney Herrington

with Sidney Herrington

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Vital statistics:
Height: 178cm
Weight: 72kg
Chest: 92cm
Waist: 80cm
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: light brown

Here's Matthew's interview in full

Matthew, a warm welcome to Stunning Men and many thanks for taking the time to do the interview.
Thank you, I appreciate you contacting me for this interview.

Could we start off with talking a little about yourself and your background?
Sure. My name is Matthew Terry and I’m 21 years old.  I grew up in Perth, Western Australia. I really enjoy living in Perth, it’s a small, cosy city but lively enough to have a bit of fun.  I live with mates and I study Graphic Design. 

How did you get into modelling? Is it something you always wanted to do?
Well, I’ve always been a bit of a shorty, therefore I never really thought I had a shot at modelling. So I didn’t ever consider it until early this year. I decided to give it a shot and it turns out, there is work out there for short guys like me!

What do you enjoy the most about it?
I enjoy the opportunity to meet new people, discover new places, and experience new things. There’s an element of excitement about it that I really love.

How do you prepare before a photoshoot?
I usually do a short workout before a photoshoot. Depending on how much time I have, I may do a full shoulder, chest, back and arms workout, or I may just do a series of crunches, push ups and bicep curls.
I try not to eat a huge amount before a shoot, but always something substantial.

How was your shoot with Glamshot?
My first shoot for my portfolio was with Glamshot in February this year.  It went very well and was impressed with the photos they produced.  Since that first shoot my body has changed and I have also obtained a different hairstyle, so just a couple weeks ago I had a “mini-shoot” with Glamshot, just to update my portfolio. The mini-shoot went really well and I’m really happy with the results.

Are you interested in doing runway work?
I would love to do more runway work. The only runway work I have done was at the Joondalup Fashion Festival earlier this year.  Because of my lack of height I’m not likely to get a lot of runway work but I’d love to experience a bit more of it.

What’s the best advice you were given about modelling, if any?
Don’t let it go to your head. And this is the advice I would give to others too. It’s important to remember this advice because I’ve seen some people disregard it and quite frankly, good people can turn horrible within weeks if they let the attention go to their head.

Do you consider yourself a fashionista? And what do you like wearing when you are not working as a model?
I like to dress fashionably, but I don’t really consider myself as a fashionista.  I used to always ask my older sister what I should wear as she was into fashion and knew the “do’s and don’ts” so any fashion sense I have I owe to her!

You have a great physique. How do you keep in shape and healthy? Do you do any sport?
I actually don’t play any sport, as I’m actually quite uncoordinated! The only sport I really enjoyed at school was soccer.
To keep in shape, I just work out about 5 to 6 times a week and run 2km each day.

What are your top three favourite exercises at the gym?
Cardio, Chest and Abs. For some reason I find these three the most enjoyable.  I have to force myself to do triceps, back, etc.

What’s the best form of cardio for you?
Definitely running.  I enjoy listening to my music as I jog/run, either on the treadmill or outside.

How do you keep motivated?
There has been several health issues within my family and from a young age I decided I wanted to keep fit and healthy, to help avoid any health problems down the track.

How do you approach a challenge?
Usually when I’m faced with a difficult decision or challenge, I like to break it down and take it one step at a time.  Breaking a tough challenge into small easy steps makes it less daunting and can turn “impossible” into “possible”!

Do you have any role models? People who inspire you?
Everyone in my life who support me and compliment me in regards to my modelling, are the people who inspire me. If it wasn’t for them I wouldn’t have much motivation. 

Now a few quick fun questions if we may? Do you think you are a good date?
I sure hope so. I try to be outgoing, talkative, accommodating and carefree. Most of my dates in the past have gone well so I must be doing something right.

What do you do in your free time?
I like to keep active so I don’t tend to watch TV etc when I have free time. I enjoy going to the gym, or catching up with friends and the occasional pub crawl.

Are you a brief man or a boxer kinda guy?
Briefs, all the way

What do you listen to on your iPod?
I’m into a lot of different music, the only genres I don’t like are dubstep and heavy metal. Some of my current faves are Maroon 5, Linkin Park, Boy & Bear and Amy Meredith.

Your favourite song/piece of music to play while running?
I like to listen to an Australian band called Amy Meredith, their songs are upbeat and I find them a really good pace for running.

What kind of movies do you like?
I really enjoy action movies, something with fast cars, guns, and I really enjoy stories with a twist at the end.

What three words describe you best?
Outgoing, honest and open minded!

One last question Matthew, where do you see yourself and what would you like to be doing in 10 years time?
In ten years I see myself as owning my own Graphic Design Business and if I don’t age too quickly, I would love to still be able to do modelling and promotional work on the side.  As well as owning my own house and maybe a really expensive sports car. I would want to be married and planning on having two children with the most amazing partner. 

Matthew, it has been a real pleasure to interview you! Thank you for your time and for being a good sport. Best of luck for the future!