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Stunning David Costa is a French fitness coach and model of Spanish and Portugal origins. The 27 year old works mainly in Paris, France and Geneva, Switzerland.

As a passionate and qualified sportsman, David has been sharing and passing on his passion for sports through his profession for more than 5 years.

Being a dedicated fitness and athletics practitioner, David acquired lots of competence and much knowledge in the course of his academic education (masters in training and physical conditioning, masters in sports management, French state diploma in fitness training and body building).

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In the meantime, he gained a lot of experience in the field by practising fitness himself and training many people with very different backgrounds and sport experience. David was also in charge of the physical conditioning of a professional French rally pilot and that of an amateur rugby team (French 3rd league).

Fred Goudon

David has worked with some of the best photographer in the world. Such as David Vance and Luis Rafael in Miami, Joan Crisol in Madrid, Dylan Rosser in London, Fred Goudon, JP Raibaud and Jean Quelquejeu in Paris, Ernest Collins in New York and Mark Leighton in Lagos and Portugal among others.

David has been featured in countless publications. FRIENDLY magazine, ODYSEA Magazine, including covers, NOIS Magazine and covers, M Mensuel and TETU Magazines, Advertising campaign for the ES COLLECTION sportswear and swimwear collection 2011, FHM, SENSITIF and Punch magazines.

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Many thanks to David for accepting to be featured at Stunning Men and for some bio information from his website.

You can find more information about his sport coaching and e-training activities by checking his website

David is going to launch his sportwear clothes "David Costa by ES Collection" at the end of September (available on both website).

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