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Erko Jun

Stunning 22 year old fitness model and competing bodybuilder Erko Jun (he has just celebrated his birthday), is from Bosnia and Herzegovina. He now resides in Belgium.

Dirk Alexander

He is also a personal trainer. Erko was into sports from a very early age and he started lifting weight at 16. Encouraged by his trainer and owner of the gym he was frequenting, he decided to enter his first bodybuilding competition. On his debut appearance, he won the first of his three Belgian junior titles.

Luis Rafael

Frederik Beyens

Michelangelo Di Napoli

Stunning Michelangelo Di Napoli is an Italian American model and actor who was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY, but who now resides in Manhattan.

Rick Day

Michelangelo has worked with many great photographers and his portfolio is varied and extensive.

M. Fitz Photography

Ryan Colford

We are thrilled to feature him at Stunning Men and many thanks to him for accepting our offer of an interview.

Ming Li