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Isky Fay

Stunning 19 year old Isky Fay is a British athlete who lives in London.

Justin Tayler

In spite of his young age, Isky is an experienced model and has his finger in many pies. He specialises in stunts for film and television, acting and live performances.

Adzzz Photography

Isky is also a dancer, in particular street dance, locking, body pop and jazz. 

Tim Beckett

He shows off his fitness and skills doing martial arts, parkour, acrobatics, gymnastic tumbling and Taekwondo.

Eric Block

22 year old stunning Eric Block is an American model from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He was born on April 8th. He is represented by Silver Model Management.
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Thomas Synnamon

Growing up, Eric always loved fitness and played every sport. He played football, indoor track and lacrosse in high school and college gym.

Tony Gibble

Eric tries to go to the gym everyday or at least 6 days a week. He does cardio early every morning, followed with an afternoon lift. His routine looks like this ... Monday: legs, Tuesday: arms, Wednesday: chest, Thursday: back, Friday shoulders, Saturday: chest and Sunday: shoulders.