Drake Abshire

Michael Anthony Downs

Stunning Drake Abshire is an American model and personal trainer from Louisiana but he currently lives in Houston, Texas. He also has his eyes on acting.

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This friendly 24 year old guy is outgoing, fun loving and enjoys working out – like you couldn’t tell – he likes travelling, swimming, watching movies, reading and just hanging out with his friends.

Drake has just joined AllAmericanGuys.com and he hopes that it will be a stepping stone into modelling.

As you can see Drake has trimmed down for Michael Downs shoot for AAG

He is a dedicated and passionate guy who will not let anything or anyone get in the way and prevent him from achieving his goals and dreams.

Drake has been doing photography for 4 years and this is also a serious passion of his.

We are really thrilled that he accepted to feature at Stunning Men and do an interview with us.

Vital statistics:
Height: 6’0”
Weight: 183lbs
Chest: 41”
Waist: 30”
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: black

Have a look at Drakes Facebook page and check his work as a photographer here!

Here is the interview in full 

Welcome to Stunning Men Drake and thank you so much for taking the time to do the interview.
Thank you for the opportunity! Really excited to be a part of this. 

Could we start off with talking a little about yourself and your background? I believe you are from Louisiana.
Yes! I’m originally from Abbeville, LA. Abbeville is a great southern town with amazing food and some very down to earth, friendly people.  Now I currently live in Houston, TX, which I have come to really love as well. 

Do you have any siblings?
Yes. I have two sisters and one is 26 and the other one 23.  And before you ask … No I don’t have middle child syndrome … or at least I think I don’t. (smiles)

I wasn't going to ask ... How did you get into modelling? Was it something you had always planned to do?
I never really had plans at all to be a model.  I first became interested in photography and then realized how much I loved expressing myself through art.  I modelled for some of my own art and people started commenting on how I should give it a try.  Never really believed I had what it takes, but the more I stepped in front of the camera the more my confidence was built, and the more I realised I had a passion for it.

What do you enjoy the most about modelling?
I love wearing the different clothes … which sometimes is not much at all … (Drake laughs out loud)

Well, you don’t hear us complain!
I also love just trying to immerse myself into whatever character the photographer is wanting me to play.  In a lot of ways I think you can compare modelling to acting.  You have to be versatile and really delve into what you are doing to make it believable to the viewer, so yeah you may be acting, but you don’t want the viewer to feel that way.

What advice would you give a new model?
Don’t give up. It really is a very competitive industry and there are a lot of doors that will get slammed in your face, but if it’s really something you have a passion for and you want to do it, don’t let anyone take your dreams away from you.  Fight and work hard and people will see your passion and desire and will work with that.

You have just joined AllAmericanGuys. What do you expect to get out of this?
Hopefully more work! (laughs) ... I really love meeting new people in the modelling industry, so being on a website I think presents more opportunities for networking and chances of producing more work that I can be proud of.

How was working with Mike Downs on the shoot?
So much fun! Michael is such a down to earth guy.  He really has an eye for what he does and a lot of talent to back that. I think the shots came out great and I think together we can come up with pictures that people can really appreciate. 

You have a stunning physique. What kind of exercises do you do to keep in top form? Do you do any sport?
I don’t really play any sports, just like to watch them.  I workout 4-5 times a week. I throw in quite a bit of core exercises to make sure the abs stay nice and tight and I do some running to make sure I stay lean as a well as healthy.

You are a personal fitness trainer. What do you enjoy the most about the job?
I enjoy pretty much everything about it.  I love working in the gym environment.  I absolutely love each and every one of my clients.  I am there to motivate and really help people with direction of how to reach their fitness goals. At the end of the day it really makes me feel good to know that I’m doing something that helps build confidence in others, but also helps them to live healthier more active lifestyles. 

How do you approach a challenge?
Head on! There shouldn’t be any tip-toing around someone’s health or their eating habits.

What do you eat in a typical day?
I never skip a meal! I try to eat in intervals of every 3-4 hours. I love chicken and lean meats, so I’m always including some kind of lean protein in my diet along with my veggies.  I’m a southern boy, so of course I love my seafood just have to keep that in moderation.

How do you prepare for a shoot?
Doing a lot of cardio and cutting sugar out of my diet.  Really high protein foods are important so I don’t lose my mass and just keep up with my workouts and bringing my carbohydrate intake to what is essential for me to have energy.

One of your great passions is photography. What do you like about it? What are your favourite subjects?
What I love the most about photography is that it truly is a great way for me to relieve some stress and express myself. I don’t really have a favourite subject; I honestly just love having the camera in my hands. I love that feeling you get when you hear that click of the shutter and then the excitement of seeing the image appear from things we see everyday, yet give others a different view that can build appreciation for its beauty. 

What do you do in your down time?
Love hanging out with my friends. I really love going to the movies and relaxing by the pool and soaking up the sun, and swimming.

Do you have any role models? People who inspire you?
My dad. He’s an amazing guy who came from very humble beginnings and despite everyone putting down the idea of him starting his own K-9 training business, he managed to become one of the most knowledgeable and respected police dog trainers, not only in the U.S, but internationally. He always reminded that we are all given gifts in life, but it’s up to us on how we will use them and I’ve always strongly believed those words. 

Now a few quick fun questions if you are game? Do you think you are a good date?
Ha!  I would say so.  I really am a very clumsy and goofy person.  I would say I’m pretty easy going and just down to earth.  Just always looking for good conversation and good laughs.

Are you a brief man or a boxer kinda guy?
I like both honestly, but I do lean more toward briefs.

What do you listen to on your iPod?
I love Nicki Minaj! I also enjoy some good oldies like Journey and the Eagles.

What kind of movies do you like?
Action and Sci-fi are my favourite. I’m not gonna lie I do enjoy a chick flick every now and then.

One very last question Drake, where do you see yourself and what would you like to be doing in 10 years time?
I honestly don’t have dreams of being a huge superstar, but I would love to be on the cover of a magazine one day and really make a positive and respectable name for myself in the modelling and fitness industry.  I do believe we need more positive role models out there, so I hope to inspire others and be able to help as many people as I can while moving forward toward my future goals.

Drake, it was great talking with you! Thank you for doing the interview and for being such good sport. All the best for the future!
Thank you again!