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Drake Abshire

Stunning Drake Abshire is an American model and personal trainer from Louisiana but he currently lives in Houston, Texas. He also has his eyes on acting.

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This friendly 24 year old guy is outgoing, fun loving and enjoys working out – like you couldn’t tell – he likes travelling, swimming, watching movies, reading and just hanging out with his friends.

Michael Anthony Downs

Drake has just joined and he hopes that it will be a stepping stone into modelling.

Manuscript Photography

Jim Weir

Stunning 23 year old Jim Weir is an up and coming male model from Orlando, Florida, US. He is currently finishing his Masters in Clinical Exercise Physiology in Dekalb, Illinois.

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Allan Spiers

Jim has had three major shoots so far, one withAllan Spiers and the other two with Michael Anthony Downs for

Michael Anthony Downs

Jim is simply crazy about training at the gym and this total passion combined with unreserved dedication has allowed him to achieve the magnificent physique he has today and helped him work towards his goal.

Michael Anthony Downs

He has just debuted as a model for and he is already taking the site by storm!

Allan Spiers

Jeffrey Wachman

We are thrilled to feature stunning Jeffrey Wachman at Stunning Men
Jeffrey is 31 year and is from Brooklyn, NY, USA.

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Joseph Smileuske

Entrepreneur, aspiring author, model and television personality, Jeffrey has his fingers in many pies with equal dedication and passion.

Kevin Freeman

Jeffrey works out 5 times a week; 3 times a week with weights doing two body parts a day and the other 2 days a week he does Mixed Martial Arts as his cardio. 

Orlando Vivas

Seth London

He loves eating healthy so he usually cooks all his meals home as he is a great cook!

Kevin Freedman