Victor for ES Collection

At Stunning Men we always do our homework before featuring a model, working with them and the photographers whenever possible and trying to make sure the biographical information is correct etc. In the case of Victor, we had to make an exception!

Victor is so hot and sexy, we just couldn’t wait any longer. What we know for the time being is that is name is Victor Galvez (Thank you Anonymous) and that he is Spanish. Victor has just done the Swimwear 2012 collection of Spanish brand ES Collection Madrid and that, as the photos show, he is one of the sexiest models of the moment!

ES Collection Madrid specialise in active wear, underwear and swimwear and they have an amazing sexy modern approach to advertising their collections.

So we decided to post these few shots while we are doing some research on this stunning sexy guy! We hope you won’t mind too much ...

Check out the behind the scene video here.

All photographic copyrights to ES Collection Madrid


Anonymous said…
His name is Victor Galvez.