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 Stunning Pete Stellato is a fitness model from Springfield, Massachusetts who now resides in Orlando, Florida.

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We have featured Pete's work at Stunning Men before, but it was high time we gave him the full treatment and interviewed him!

David Arnot

Pete is a very experienced model and has worked with many of the best photographers of the moment, whose work is illustrated in this post.

David Vance

Pete’s amazing portfolio is so extensive that it was a real challenge and such frustration (we wanted to include so many in here!) to select a few photos for this feature!

 Edwin J'Lebron

A huge thank you to Pete for doing us the great pleasure of joining the awesome family of Stunning Men and for doing the interview with us.

 Jorge Freire

Vital statistics
Height: 5’8”
Weight: 155lbs
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: hazel

Check Pete’s ModelMayhem and facebook pages for more of this gorgeous model!

Here is the interview in full

Stunning Men – Welcome to Stunning Men Pete and thank you for doing the interview.
Could we start off with talking a little about yourself and your background?

PMS - A little about me? I am a go getter and always been. I am the person that usually helps in any situation from being there for simple things in life to sticking up for people. Respect ... I live by it and if you don’t, then I can forget about you pretty easy. I support and it’s great to have supporters too. It is that simple but this world made people greedy. Ego got to go.

SM – You are a personal trainer, among other things; what do you enjoy the most about the job?

PMS - Exercise Science is what you mean? (laugh) It is two different skills. But back to the question (laugh) I love teaching people the RIGHT way of living. ONE body, ONE life, ONE choice. BALANCE is key to life and it’s hard for anyone in the US (laugh). Want people to know you don’t have to change your whole life to be the greatest. We all are great and need to know how our body works but know when to treat it at the same time too.

SM – What about the gym, the weight, the building of this stunning physique you have achieved? How did it all start?

PMS - It started when I was 15 with little tests from family (laugh). You should know how family instigates. But the stunning physique started when I became open minded to ANY type of training 8 years ago. You’re not wrong when you tell me a trick but I will just make it better and add it to my knowledge.

SM – Was modelling something you wanted to do growing up? I believe Jorge Freire kinda ‘discovered’ you. Is that correct?

PMS - Modelling never crossed my mind one bit but I did take photos of myself to see if I still got it (laugh). Jorge Freire did discover me and showed me the attitude people want to see in photos. He just said "Make people wish they were in the room when they look at the photographs." And I just gave it my all. (laugh) I was soooo not confident at first until Ian (Daviau) said, "I know Jorge will like your look." I thought he was just saying it because I was giving him a ride to his shoot (laugh). It all planned out randomly.

SM – How do you prepare before a shoot?

PMS – Details huh (laugh)? Well I eat very clean two weeks before the shoot. I kill it in my obliques to get my V-cut tight and most likely shave (laugh). Vance and Arnot wanted to shoot me with hair. Little tricks are pumps sometimes depending on the shoot but trick is red wine. I am very vascular already so when I have a glass of wine you can imagine.

SM – You have worked with some of the most amazing photographers in fitness modelling, Jorge Freire, Mike Downs, Abel Cruz, Luis Rafael, David Vance, Edwin J’Lebron and David Arnot ... to name a few – all favourites of mine - What do you enjoy the most about working with them?

PMS – Wow didn’t realize it was that many (laugh)! THEY GIVE IT THEIR FLAVOUR. SO TALENTED THE WAY THEY DESCRIBE THEIR IMAGINATION BUT IT COMES OUT MORE THAN WHAT THEY WANTED. They go with the flow and don’t worry about what ifs. That’s why they choose their models wisely... so make sure you give it your all. God bless them all for supporting my dream.

SM – You have an amazing physique. What kind of exercises do you do to keep in top shape? Do you practise any sports?

PMS – Really appreciate the comment. My exercises have little or no rest and I study form properly. Strength isn't everything. I believe in speed, explosive power, and balance. If you stick with those three, then you will see more strength than a bench press (laugh). Football was great conditioning when I did it for fun and high school. I played some basketball with my brothers and cousins but wasn’t my sport. Got A LOT better at it when I worked at LA Fitness for a few years (laugh). I was actually good at many sports without needing to practice. Guess it ran in the family besides the height (laugh).

SM – What is your best lift at the gym?

PMS - "People’s" best lift is benching double my weight. 310 (laugh) but I did it 3 sets of 10 and I was a lot younger. But "my" best lift is incline and decline with diamond push-ups on a Swiss ball in between sets. Now, that’s a rush with a crazy lift and you also form your chest properly with incline and decline.

SM – What is your diet like?

PMS – DIET I don’t believe in. Have your bad days but that depends on what you are trying to accomplish. Most people just want a life change so eat a little cleaner during the week and stop snacking at night. I stop my craving with a protein shake at night or my favourite blueberries. Think about it ... When we are kids, our parents have us come together at big breakfast, big lunch, and big dinner. Now, if you stop growing tall, then what happens to your body when you keep staying in your parents’ habits. YOU GET WIDER! Portion is key, not diet.

SM – Do you allow yourself a cheat day? If so, what is your guilty pleasure?

PMS – OH YEAH! I have one or two days for cheats. LOVE AND HATE relationship with CHEESE! Ask Jorge and Abel what happened when we went to dinner (laugh). Also, if I am preparing for a shoot, then I make sure I don’t treat myself on my day off. Think about it ... Why eat bad on the day you’re sitting on your ass? (laugh) sorry glute! (laugh) I am not perfect so I will not say I follow my rules all the time. I just make sure I do more good than bad which makes a positive outcome. (Pete gives us his sexy smile)

SM – Your teenage years were quite difficult; has this made you look at life in a different way?

PMS – Of course! I am grateful in so many ways even though I still pursue for the better. Many people stepped into my life and taught me simple tricks in life. I lived with a few families and it made me see how people take advantage of their family or how easy they have it. Even though I didn’t have the best life, I had the best journey. I had a blast partying young and living with 13 friends (laugh). We made a downstairs room looking like a double suite until friends put themselves in bad situations. Let’s say, some people learn and some people don’t. I was blessed with GOD telling me, "You can't complain for the rest of your life of what you didn’t have." I started to live at a friend’s house with a family I looked up to very much. They took me under their roof and showed me the quality of life with support. Then an angel came into my life saying, "It can't get worse, it can only get better." Two blessing that changed my life. Tina and Larry and my girl, Karen Lopera, till this day. That’s when I wanted to show more love to people. We all need support and help in life but a lot of people have egos.

SM – How do you approach a challenge?

PMS – Life is not about approaching a challenge. Life is about the challenge approaching you because that’s when you’re ready to defeat it ... human instinct.

SM – I was surprised to learn that you are a professional hip hop dancer and choreographer. How did this come about?

PMS – When I was 13 years old, I came home every day after school to dance in front of the TV imitating Usher, Marques Houston, Genuine, and Michael Jackson. I loved how the beat felt through my body and I just started to move (laugh). Hip-Hop and R&B is what I love.

SM – Besides modelling, what gets your interest and what are your hobbies?

PMS – Adventure gets my interest because nature is a wonderful place. I love watching combat movies but most of all is being at my second home: gym!

SM – What do you do to have fun and relax? 

PMS – I have fun just relaxing with my girl. Sometimes we don’t want to get out of bed. (wink and laugh)

SM – Do you have any role models? People who inspire you?

PMS – My older brother has been there as a great role model. He believes in everything I do. Trust I do have many more people who inspire me from Usher to friend’s parents.

SM – Now a few fun questions if we may? Do you think you are a good date?

PMS – (LAUGH) BEST date if you’re a GOOD date! I make the date a one of a kind. Connecting vibes in a respectful way will get you a long way. Being honest to myself made me feel comfortable around people. Trust ... being shy will get you nowhere (laugh). Came a long way with that. Ask my friends and dates through middle school to high school (laugh). Wow I changed ... for the good. Also, don’t forget my initials are PMS. The ladies have to deal with me (huge loud laugh)

SM – What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

PMS – Craziest?! Being in underwear taking pictures! (laugh) See what you people did to me. (laugh)

SM – Are you a brief man or a boxer kinda guy?

PMS – In bed definitely boxers because you hang free (laugh). Briefs during the day to keep the junk from dangling. "Dangling like a woman" hahahahahaha ... it’s a joke with friends.

SM – What do you listen to on your iPod?

PMS – Twinkle twinkle little stars (laugh). BUMPING BEATS LIKE DMX, TUPAC, AND MANY MORE FOR THE GYM. Dancing you already know and definitely got some soft rock to sit back on.

SM – One last question Pete, where do you see yourself and what would you like to be doing in 10 years time?

PMS – I hope I see myself inspiring others. It feels good when people look up to you and ask you for help. I would definitely like to see myself in a family TV show or an action movie and if I don’t make it, then I know I gave it my all. Time to make my children better than me and make my wife happy. You can interview me in 10 years (laugh)!

SM – We might just do that. It’s a date then! Pete, you have been a pleasure to interview and a laugh! Thank you for your time and for being a good sport! All the best for the future!


Raul Rodriguez said…
Great interview and Stunning, Awesome shots with all this Powerful Photographers. Great job as usual Pete Michael Stellato. I've been a fan for just a little over half a year bro, you're a Very Handsome Man indeed... "{•_,•}"
Candi Fox said…
Awesome interview with pete!
DJ said…
Thanks Candy! Pete is a dream to interview and his portfolio is amazing!
Love your feature at Candy's Corner! :-)