Tim Hartman

Stunning and sexy Tim Hartman is fairly new to modelling, he is yet another 'discovery' by the super talented Luis Rafael, but has the attitude and the camera presence of a pro! In an interview Tim says that some people might find him a little cocky ... there is definitely some cockiness in him but it only enhances his awesome personality. Tim is full of confidence and he should really be proud of his work!

Luis Rafael

Stunning Men are excited to present Tim in a pre-profile post until a full feature is created.

Michael Anthony Downs

 Tim has already got some shoots under his belt and notably two, by Luis Rafael of course and Michael Anthony Downs!

 Luis Rafael

Tim is scheduled to join AllAmericanGuys.com at some point this year. In the meantime here are some shots from the two above mentioned shoots as well as some screencaps from his latest video with AAG.

 Michael Anthony Downs - screencaps

More of this stunning sexy guy when Tim joins AllAmericanguys.com so watch this space ...

 Luis Rafael

A huge thank you to Mike Downs and Luis Rafael for allowing us to use their photos!

All photographic copyrights to Luis Rafael and Michael Anthony Downs.


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