Stunning Man of the Month!

As promised at the end of last year, Stunning Men will be organising a model of the month poll all through the year and it will culminate with the Stunning Man of the Year 2012 at the end of December!

It is now time for you to vote for your favourite model of January 2012!

Please select your favourite model (you can chose up to 3 guys). You can only vote ONCE a day but can vote as many times as you want to make saure your favourite wins! 
The poll will close on 12 February 2012 at 8pm (GMT)

To refresh your memory if need be, look at the models' photos at the end of this post

Please let your friends know about the poll! The more the merrier! Thanks.

Steven Dehler by Adam Bouska

Joe Putignano by Thomas Synnamon
Chris Lykins by Michael Anthony Downs

Owen and Lewis Harrison by Justin Tayler

Joel Evan Tye by Michael Stokes

Jade Worrall by Denis Dwan

Justin Zabinski by Manuscript Photography

Billy Kiraly by David Vance

Angel Christian Huerta by Thomas Synnamon

Tyler Ogg by Michael Anthony Downs

Tim Hartman by Luis Rafael

Adam Ayash by Thomas Synnamon


Xersex said…
Adam Ayash, without any doubt!
Xersex said…
How to vote????
please, explain very clearly!
I sent a tweet from xersex2009 to all my followers!!
DJ said…
Hi Xersex!
All you need to do is chose up to 3 models by clicking in the box next to their name and click VOTE. That's it. You can vote only once a day.

Thanks for sharing the poll with your friends! All the best!
Xersex said…
Thank you!
effectively I have just voted for Adam, and I find he's the first one, because of his beauty and sex appeal!!!
I hope you'll let us vote every month for different guys!!!
DJ said…
We will organise a poll at the end of each month to find the favourite model among all the models featured in that particular month. At the end of December, all winners will compete for the Stunning Man of the year!
Spaziare said…
Hi, I have vote for Adam.
Xersex said…
@ Spaziare:
you made the right choice!
Effectively Adam is the best!!!