Justin Zabinski by Manuscript Photography

A photographer and his model ...

Today Stunning Men are focussing on Manuscript Photography and the gorgeous Justin Zabinski.

the model ...

We featured Florida based Justin Zabinski about 3 years ago when he joined AllAmericanGuys.com and he was this stunning 18 year old surfer dude, with a beautiful face and long blonde hair and an amazing sun-kissed lean muscular physique. Justin’s gorgeous looks are definitely enhanced by his Native American background.

Today at the grand old age of nearly 23 ... and having modelled for about 4 years, Justin is maturing into this gorgeous sexy man who is enjoying success in both fashion and fitness modelling.

Justin has travelled all over the US and has done countless runways. He has done work for GQ, JC PENNYS, RALPH LAUREN, POLO, AMERICAN Living, RUGBE, KOHLS HANG TEN and BRICKELL MAGAZINE to name a few.

Having worked with the likes of Andy Armano, Michael Anthony Downs and Bruce Weber ... Justin has just finished shooting with Manuscript Photography who have kindly and generously sent us the stunning photos with some exclusive non yet published shots.

Justin’s vital statistics:
Height: 6’1”
Weight: 180lbs
Waist: 30”
Chest: 41”
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: blonde
Skin colour: tanned

the photographer ...

Manuscript Photography are based in Saint Petersburg, Florida, US. They focus on beautiful images that reveal a deeper story. Their style leans toward classical male portraiture, but with a decidedly modern edge.  Strong, bold lines are favoured, with bright, vivid colours. They also sometimes experiment with black and white. Manuscript Photography only shoot during the day, using natural light and rely only sparingly on the flash.

They prefer a simple approach to editing, applying a light hand to retouching and photoshop. While the creativity behind many "concept" shoots is appreciated, it is not something that appeals to them as artist. They are much more drawn to the unique personality of the subject being photographed rather than projecting some fantasy of their own onto them.

The results speak for themselves and Stunning Men will publish a special feature on Manuscript Photography at a later date, showcasing a selection of their work. So watch this space.

Many thanks to Manuscript Photography for their permission to use their biography information and sharing these great photos and of course to Justin for accepting the invitation to be featured.

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all photography copyrights to Manuscript Photography


Anonymous said…
beautiful man ive seen alot of his work