Actor, singer and model, 29 year old Joel Evan Tye also known as Sir Jet, comes from Arizona. He now lives in West Hollywood, Los Angeles, USA.

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Joel is a working actor who studied acting with Laura Gardner at Howard Fine, comedy improv at Bang! Studio, and commercial auditioning with Mike Pointer at Hey, I saw your commercial! 

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A complex person, outrageous some may say, Joel is an amazing man with many hidden talents, love him or hate him, he definitely won’t leave you indifferent.

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It’s not just because of his striking face and his awesome muscular physique, but because of his personality, his life, his passions and his body of work. You can definitely say that Joel is not your average Joe!

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The difficult and extraordinary first few years of his life will shape up the rest of his life and determine who he is today as a person and also as an artist. 

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A truly inspirational man who has made it his mission to help other people who may be going through the same issues he has faced himself for many years and help them live their lives to their full potential.

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You have probably seen photos of Joel at some point or another but we wonder if you know much about who he really is, what really makes him tick and what amazing person he is.

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We are absolutely thrilled at Stunning Men to be able to feature Joel and get to ask him a few questions.

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Here is the interview in full

Stunning Men – Hi Joel, welcome to Stunning Men and thank you for taking part to this interview.
Joel Evan Tye – Ciao! Happy to be here friend, thanks.

SM – First of all, how do you prefer to be called? Joel or JET?
JET – I’m called both, they’re both my name so I’ve never really been taken aback if someone was to use one or the other.

SM – OK JET, you are a recording artist but have also done modelling. What came first? The music or the modelling?
JET – The desire to be a singer came first.  I was a mute, out of social anxiety and gender anxiety I recoiled into my bedroom and didn’t communicate with anyone for almost ten years of my life.  Then one day when I was 18, a voice in my head told me I needed to learn how to sing.  It was through singing I learned how to speak, and so on. 

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SM – Is one more important than the other in your life?
JET – They are both expressions of a higher part of myself, so I hold them both very close to my heart.

SM – What do you enjoy the most as a recording artist?
JET – The costumes!  And orchestrating a team of people on each project.  Everything from creating the concept behind the lyrics, to rehearsing for live shows with dancers, to shooting the music videos, it’s such a rush!

SM – You describe your music as Pop, Dance, Electronica. Could you elaborate on that?
JET – I’ve never really been able to stay consistent in my sound, but I always work with producers that will compose the songs with electronic elements and lots of reverb on the voice.  Basically I leave the music in the hands of others and I handle the lyrics and the messages behind the lyrics.

SM -  You speak Japanese and Italian. How did this come about?
JET - I started studying Japanese when I was eleven or so.  I loved video games and I found out some of my favorite games were also Japanese tv shows.  There is actually a japanese saturday school in Mesa, AZ, which I went to up through my junior year of high school. I continued to study Japanese in college. Truth be told I never had much practice with it and so my speaking skills are aweful, lol. The same is true of my Italian skills.  I started Italian when I applied for a music major in college. I failed the entry audition, but of all the languages one studies in the music school, I really enjoyed studying italian because the vowel structure is similar to Japanese, so I took it for five semesters.

SM – You have an amazing physique. What kind of exercises do you do to keep in top shape? Do you practise any sports?
JET – I’m very disciplined in the gym.  I keep a log of all the exercises I do and try to increase the weight or the amount of reps on an exercise each trip.  I also do a lot of cardio to keep my spirits up.

SM – You have some amazing shots, some quite provocative but striking. Do you like being a bit ‘in your face’? And is it also true as a performer?
JET – I like playing dress-up, the outfits inspire characters in me.  When I perform I’m just playing pretend, and costumes with lots of skin are just easier to move in.  If something I’m wearing is typically meant for girl I don’t really care, if I feel awesome in it then I wear it.  I try not to think about if I’m going to offend people with what I wear.  The truth is, you wouldn’t think it odd for a girl to wear a lot of the things I wear, so you shouldn’t think it odd for me either because we’re all made of a mix of masculine and feminine energies, we’re all really one and the same.

SM – You have done some fashion modelling. How was that? How does it compare with fitness modelling?
JET – As I said I like playing dress up, so by far fashion is more suited to my tastes, but the poses and whatnot for fitness modeling are instinctual to me when I get in front of the camera, and people enjoy my fitness work, so I enjoy doing it from time to time.

SM – Is there a photographer you haven’t worked with and would really like to and why?
JET – Annie Leibovitz, because she has an incredible imagination.

SM – Your work is very edgy and includes a fair amount of nudity. How important nudity is for you in your work?
JET – To be truthful, when I modelled nude for photographers I did not know it was considered inappropriate or something people didn't do at the time.  I lived a very sheltered life so the idea of pornography was alien to me, other than the fact that porn was a type of sex video.  I didn't know nude modelling was considered porn or that my photos would be interpreted that way.  Historically, nude images in sculptures and paintings were a part of human culture, and so I was not aware that we as people consider the photograph of the human body any different.  Not to mention, we all have a body, we've all seen our bodies nude, so it was odd to me that we would find an image of another's body shocking.  When I was being photographed nude it didn't feel any different to me than when I was modelling with clothes, except in this case I was more conscious of the position of body parts the way I was previously conscious of the flow of fabrics.  If one wants to be comfortable in a nude shoot, one first needs to be secure with his or her own body, never judging it as bad in any way and aware that he or she is equal to all, for all are in ownership of a body.  Next, he or she should recognise that he or she has been chosen to be the subject of a work of art, and that should be inspiring, for how wonderful is it to know you are being considered a masterpiece?

SM – Do you have any role models in the music or modelling world? People who inspired you?
JET – Madonna is a huge inspiration to me because she manifests everything she imagines and has an incredible work ethic and health regiment.

SM – If you weren’t a recording artist, what would you be doing?
JET – One of those Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  I really like their shoes and going out to lunch.

SM – You have a website. Could you tell us what we can expect to see there and what we would learn about JET?
JET – My current hub site is  It’s a blog where I share things I’ve learned through experience or read that I want to share with people.  The material is in conjunction with my upcoming ebook: I’m Enough: How to Live Life Like a Popstar and Find Your True Self in the Process.  I was criticized and told what to do most of my life, people telling me I wasn’t good enough, wasn’t talented enough, wasn’t good looking enough, etc., and my response was simply “I am good enough, and you would see that if you allowed yourself to feel like you were good enough too.”  The book is about how we can take care of ourselves and become able to accept everything and everyone that comes our way so that our life experiences are always harmonious.

SM – Do you have any motto you live by?
JET – My mind is a center of Divine operation, and Divine operation means expansion into something better than has gone before. - Thomas Troward

SM – Now a few fun personal questions if we may? Do you think you are a good date?
JET – I sure am, put out almost every time!

SM – What kind of clothes do you like wearing when you are not performing?
JET – Pretty much toned-down versions of my performance clothes: tight shirts that emphasize my cleavage, jeans that hug my legs, shoes that have a little bit of lift, belts with large buckles, gothic and fetish jewelry, and of course plenty of black eyeliner and glitter nail polish.

SM – What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?
JET – I thought I could act like a normal guy for commercial auditions.  I tried this about 10 times before I realised it was impossible.

SM – Are you a brief man or a boxer kinda guy?
JET – Thongs

SM – What do you listen to on your iPod?
JET – Anime theme songs and kpop.  My current faves are Kara’s “Step,” 4Minute’s “Highlight,” and the soundtrack to the series “Nana.”

SM – One last question JET, where do you see yourself and what would you like to be doing in 10 years time?
JET – I’m a mainstream global pop icon living in a stream of abundance and positive productivity.  I travel all around the world performing in sold-out concerts, helping people with my music and image, inspiring them to live their lives to the fullest and feel awesome.  

SM – Thank you so much for answering our questions and for being such good sport. All the best with your life and careers!

Vital statistics:
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170lbs
Chest: 42”
Waist: 29”
Eye colour: brown
Hair colour: blond

Joel’s ebook, I’m Enough: How to Live Life Like a Popstar and Find Your True Self in the Process is now available from amazon and itunes, and will also be available from barnes and noble, sony, kobo and copia in about 2-3 weeks.

His music is available on itunes, cdbaby and amazon. The singles include I'll Keep Smiling, Storm and Feelin Dirty.

And please make sure to read The Boy Who Talked Like a Girl - this is a must read.

To discover more about Joel check him out here: