Jade Worrall

Stunning 22 year old Jade Worrall is an Australian fitness model from Surfers Paradise.
 Denis Dwan

We are pleased to be welcoming Jade at Stunning Men and show his amazing photos by Denis Dwan.
 Denis Dwan

Fitness and lifting weights are Jade’s passion in life and his goals are to reach 105kg and get his body fat to under 6%.

Denis Dwan

Jade’s hobbies include going to the gym and body boarding.
His ambitions are to achieve the best physique possible, be aesthetically admired worldwide and do magazine covers.

gym self pics

Beau Worrall (Jade's brother)

His gym routine is pretty intense and his work out consists of

Chest: flat bench dumbbell flies, flat and inclined dumbbell chest press, high and low cable crossovers.
Triceps: assisted and non assisted dips on a machine, triceps cable rope and bar pull downs with peak contractions.
Calves:  Smith machine calf raises, leg press and seated calf raises.
Back: Dead lifts, seated row, lat pull down, nautilus and reverse grip back extensions.
Shoulders: Dumbbell shoulder press, reverse bent over flies, dumbbell lateral raises and rotor cuff exercises.
Biceps: Bicep machine curls, bicep dumbbell curls.
Legs:  Smith machine squats, leg press, stiff legged dead lift, leg extension and lunges.
Abs: reverse crunch, hip flexes, hanging leg raises, nautilus crunches and abs wheel.

Vital statistics:
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 92kg
Eye colour: blue
Hair colour: blonde

Please visit Jade's profile at Muscleneck and support him if you can!
 All studio photographs copyrights to Denis Dwan.


Xersex said…
Very hot and sexy, but I wish him not to become so much bodybuilded and big! Exagerated bodybuilduing is not nice and even sexy to see.