Tyler Nash

28 years old stunning Tyler Nash is a fitness model from Sacramento, California, US.

Tyler has an awesome physique and we are very excited to be featuring him at Stunning Men. Many thanks to Tyler for the biography and to Gary Gonzalez at NorCalBodz for the photos.

 Tyler grew up in Sacramento, CA in a family of six kids. He is number four and the first born son. Tyler and his siblings were raised to work hard and earn everything they have. Every summer from the time he was eight years old, his dad would take him to work with him while he built custom houses. Tyler learned the value of a dollar and how hard you had to work to put food on the table for a family of eight.

 When he was 16, Tyler did home school for one semester with his 15 year old brother while working with his dad. This was when they started training together in the gym. They started experimenting with weight lifting, not knowing what they were doing but they both were inspired to be fit and look big. Tyler continued lifting weights through high school, playing sports, and striving for the perfect body. After high school his parents, and eventually his whole family, moved away. Tyler decided to stay, but made sacrifices to support himself all on his own, like not working out. He had no help from anyone so he worked multiple jobs and did gruelling work just to pay the rent.

 A few years later while working he fell and dislocated his rotator cuff. The doctor gave him the option to have surgery or do physical therapy. He chose physical therapy, which began his quest to develop the ultimate body and strength. Tyler remembers the three words that helped him stay focused: determination, dedication and discipline. The three Ds. He was determined to become the best of the best, dedicated to giving fitness his all and disciplined enough to set and achieve his own standards. This is how he got to the fitness level he is now. If he could thank one person for helping him achieve his goal it would be his workout partner of the last seven years, who taught him more than he ever knew about body building and the correct eating lifestyle.

 Tyler is a very confident person who is always motivated by new challenges and opportunities that come his way. He has a very professional work ethic and always put his work first, while maintaining a fun attitude. He is very much enjoying the fitness modelling industry and seeking to collaborate with superior photographers!

Tyler keeps his amazing physique all year round; that’s 365 days of hard work!

Vital statistics:
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 180lbs
Waist: 32"
Hair colour: brown
Eye colour: brown
Skin colour: Tanned

Biography information taken from Tyler's website.
All photographic copyrights to Gary Gonzalez at NorCalBodz.com