Happy New Year!!!

It's this time of the year when we look back at the past 12 months and we can't believe it is already nearly over!

12 months and over 85 models featured. 2011 saw the introduction of interviews with models, and photographers being featured and interviewed too. More of this in 2012!

In order to make Stunning Men a little more interactive, next year we will introduce a monthly poll to elect the Stunning Man of the Month, which will culminate with the Stunning Man of the Year vote towards the end of December.

We reached our one millionth visitor mid October and we are now just under 1,300,000 with 158 followers. So thank you to everyone of you for your loyal support. And if you enjoy Stunning Men, please vote for us at

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A big thank you to Michael Anthony Downs at Masculinemag.com and Benjamin Godfre at BenjaminGodfre.com who added Stunning Men to their blog roll.
And of course a huge thank you to all the models and photographers who agreed to be featured!

Please post your comments and suggestions to help us make Stunning Men even better in 2012!

A very Happy New Year to you all! All the best!

Stunning Men.xx


B.B said…
Happy New Year DJ! :)

I wanted to ask you something.. you know who's this model?




I loved him, is he a new AAG model?

Byebye :)
DJ said…
Hi BB! A very happy new year to you too! Thanks gorgeous!

Well ...I've been looking around and haven't found anything on this guy. I like him a lot too. He is definitely not an AAG model. He abviously shot with Mike Downs but these photos are nowhere to be seen on any of Mike's sites.
So either there wasn't any follow up to this shoot or this model will be featured in the future. Sometimes there is a gap between the shoot and the publication of the photos. Perhaps, things didn't work out ... not sure. I'll ask Michael about him and will let you know if I get some info about this guy.
Take care.
Hope you are enjoying all the new models! This beginning of 2012 is looking very hot ... so watch this space!

B.B said…
Yay thanks DJ!
Appreciate the feedback! Hope we can see more about him at some point.
But anyways, thanks for the help!
Oh and yes I am enjoying all the new models!

Btw I have to congratulate you.. the blog is on fire!!!
I really like the interviews you're bringing to us!
This baby is growing fast hun? Nice xD
I'm really happy for you, because your blog is definitely one of the best in this category!
Can't wait to see all the new hot stuff for 2012!!

Take care DJ!