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Happy New Year!!!

It's this time of the year when we look back at the past 12 months and we can't believe it is already nearly over!

12 months and over 85 models featured. 2011 saw the introduction of interviews with models, and photographers being featured and interviewed too. More of this in 2012!
In order to make Stunning Men a little more interactive, next year we will introduce a monthly poll to elect the Stunning Man of the Month, which will culminate with the Stunning Man of the Year vote towards the end of December.
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Tyler Nash

28 years old stunning Tyler Nash is a fitness model from Sacramento, California, US.

Tyler has an awesome physique and we are very excited to be featuring him at Stunning Men. Many thanks to Tyler for the biography and to Gary Gonzalez at NorCalBodz for the photos.

Tyler grew up in Sacramento, CA in a family of six kids. He is number four and the first born son. Tyler and his siblings were raised to work hard and earn everything they have. Every summer from the time he was eight years old, his dad would take him to work with him while he built custom houses. Tyler learned the value of a dollar and how hard you had to work to put food on the table for a family of eight.

When he was 16, Tyler did home school for one semester with his 15 year old brother while working with his dad. This was when they started training together in the gym. They started experimenting with weight lifting, not knowing what they were doing but they both were inspired to be fit and look big. Tyler continued lift…

Paul Talbot

Hunky Paul Talbot is a surgeon who has been doing fitness modelling for some time and has worked with some of the most amazing photographers.
Abel Cruz

Andrea Deloach

Bradford Rogue

Edwin J'Lebron
He is from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania but now lives in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.
Jorge Freire

Luis Rafael

As his stunning physique shows, Paul is very dedicated and works hard to achieve his goals. He is motivated by accomplishment in all he does.
Mark Henderson

Peter Brown
Scott Hoover

Scott Marrs

Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to everyone!

Many thanks for all your support this year. We hope you have enjoyed the posts and models featured and we are looking forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Andrew Corvin

Stunning Andrew Corvin is fairly new to modelling but he has already gained quite a bit of experience. Judging by the shoots he did with the amazing Jorge Freire, Edwin J'Lebron and David Vance, Andrew has all it takes to succeed in modelling.

Edwin J'Lebron

A stunning muscular physique, great classic looks and as you can see in his interview, a great personality!

Jorge Freire

Andrew is perfect to be our Christmas Model and help us close the year in style! We are thrilled to be able to finally feature him at Stunning Men and also very grateful to him for agreeing to be interviewed.

David Vance