Sebastian Barone

Stunning Men are proud to present photographer Sebastian Barone. He was born and raised in Miami Beach, Florida where his business Sebastian Barone Photography is based, but he is relocating in Los Angeles, CA at the end of this year.

Aaron Lee

Sebastian began his path of photography when he was 15 years old, helping out with weddings. Shortly after, he decided to take his work to the next step and branched out to photographing models in the fashion industry.

Harijs Broza
He began to work closely with models from all over the world and with some of the world’s most famous fashion designers. His career began to move quickly, he then decided that this was where he needed to be.

Brent Janeske
By the age of 26, Sebastian had his work featured in ads all over the world; which includes Calvin Klein, DKNY, Perry Ellis, Zumba Fitness, Guess Jeans, and many more.

Isaiah Rojas

As his life moved on from day to day, he began to get more experience and knowledge, and notice more doors opening up for him.

Joseph Jones
Along his diverse and exciting career, Sebastian has worked with many models and has assisted some of them with developing their portfolio.

Ivan Milutinovic
He is currently working on his first published book, which will be released in 2012. His book will display the beauty of some of the world’s most beautiful bodies in full detail. As you can imagine Sebastian is very excited for this launch. More details will soon be released about a set launch date and exclusive dates for VIP parties regarding the launch. 

Please visit Sebastian’s website for more information and also to view all his amazing work. Also do join his facebook fan page for more on his work.
All photographic copyright to Sebastian Barone
A huge thank you to him for accepting to be features at Stunning Men