Jordan 4

Here are a few shots illustrating sexy Jordan's work over the past few months. 
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Dominic Brunet / Fotofusion

 Jordan has just finished the new Priape ad campaign for winter 2012. You  will remember that Jordan worked with them last spring in Costa Rica. This time he did a 'guest' on their latest campaign.

Alexandre Berthiaume

Following the successful Priape summer campaign last year and the big exposure he got from it, Jordan got one job after another.  He did the cover of Fugues magazine, worked for the main sponsor at Montreal Gay Pride and got several contracts for clothes companies such as GBGB wear.

  Montreal Gay Pride

Jordan has just come back from Miami where he has been working on a new project and he has an upcoming publication in a book for the spring of 2012.

To know more about and see more of this stunning model, check his webpage here!


Tom said…
I wanna lick him everywhere
Viktor said…
This is very hot, more of him pleaaasssseeee