Jared Burgess

We are proud to welcome stunning Jared Burgess at Stunning Men and to have had the pleasure to 
interview him.

28 year old Jared was born in Tampa, FL but moved up to Boston, MA for about seven years. He then moved back to his hometown of Tampa where he now resides.

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the new Jones!

Jared's training consists of three intense weight/strength training routines a week, which are monitored and charted. The same exercises are repeated for four consecutive weeks; with each progressive week Jared increases the weight or the number of repetitions.
 Richard Ivey

He also does a different method of cardiovascular training with core three days a week.

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Jared likes going to the movies, spending time with his family, fitness and sports, great music, 
travel and shopping!
Jared has a great career; being the owner of his own personal training studio, and feels that he has already achieved his ambitions.

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He is currently the busiest trainer in Tampa – check his facebook link for more details and info!  

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Jared was also voted by local magazines "Personal Trainer of the Year"

Jeffrey Rich


Jared has worked with photographers such as Luis Rafael, John Joseph Revisky, R. Michael Creative, Jeffrey Rich, Richard Ivey, Ed Camara, Vim Kruger and Max V Photograph to name a few.

John Revisky

Many thanks to Jared for providing the biography info and accepting our invitation to feature in Stunning Men
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Vital statistics:
Weight: 185lbs
Height: 5’11”
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Hazel

Check Jared ModelMayhem's profile to find many more awesome shots and info about this stunning model! 

Here is the full interview

Stunning Men – Jared, welcome to Stunning Men and thank you for accepting to take part in this interview. To start with let’s talk about where you are from and your background if we may.

Jared Burgess – I was born and raised in Tampa Florida. I have moved around the southern United States as a child and even found my way to Massachusetts, but moved back to Tampa Florida.

SM – Were you a kid into sports and fitness?

JB – I was. I was always taught to be active and enjoy outdoor activities from a young age. I have played basketball, football, and hockey extensively.

SM – How did you become a model? Was modelling something you always wanted to do?

JB – I became a model when a friend from the gym I trained at was doing it frequently  and wanted me to meet with his photographer for a test shoot. One thing led to another and I began modelling.

SM – How do you prepare before a photoshoot?

JB – My pre-shoot rituals are a bit extreme. I make sure I hit the gym extreme for strength training. Three days before I go to basically dry chicken and vegetables only diet.  And the day of the shoot I limit my water intake slightly.  I also focus on the minor details that are very important such as hair, nails, and skin colour with tanning.

SM – Have you done any runway work?

JB – I have not done much runway work, and it is not something I am very interested in.

SM – Do you practise any sports?

JB – Currently I do not play any sports. I do play basketball and tennis for fun with my girlfriend, but that is as active as I can allow myself to be currently. I cannot risk any injuries seeing as I have to run my own personal training company.

SM – Are you more interested in fitness or fashion modelling?

JB – I like both equally actually. I love the compliments from the hard work you put into fitness training and knowing that it is paying off.  Yet there is nothing like putting on a great Hugo Boss or Armani Suit and having a great shoot!

SM – Tell us more about Underground South Tampa.

JB – Underground South Tampa is a personal training only studio based in South Tampa Florida. I began the business September 15, 2006 and have been blessed to say that the company has achieved growth every year since inception.

SM – Do you have any role models? People who inspired you to pursue a modelling career?

JB – As of right now Ryan Reynolds would be my favorite male celebrity. I think he mixes very well a great fitness look with modern style that I like to do as well.

SM – How do you relax and what do you do for fun?

JB – I like shopping, travelling, and good music and movies.

SM – What do you prefer wearing? Briefs or boxers?

JB – Boxer briefs or square cuts. Do not like boxers at all. Too large and unflattering.

SM – What do you listen to on your iPod?

JB – My favorites are rock and house/electronic music.  Yet I love to listen to some current country music, as well as a small amount of pop/hip-hop.

SM – I imagine you watch what you eat; but do you have any guilty pleasures?

JB – Well my favorite food is chicken parmigiana. I love that as well as any type of Mexican dishes.

SM – If you weren’t modelling and running your own business, what would you be doing?

JB – I would probably be unhappy.  I think the things I do now I was made to do, I love doing, and because of those two things I put everything I have into them and I do them exceptionally well with passion for success.

SM – Do you have any projects or photoshoots coming up?

JB – There are some big things to come for Underground South Tampa. You will have to keep your eyes peeled!                                     

SM – One last question Jared, where do you see yourself and what would you like to be doing in 10 years time?

JB – In ten years time I hope to have a bit more time away from work to spend with my family and my girlfriend. I hope to have settled down a bit and have dedicated more time to enjoying the simple things in life.

SM – Thank you so much for answering our questions and for being such a nice guy.

JB – Thank you guys for giving me the opportunity to tell a little bit more about me!
SM – All the best Jared and we look forward to seeing more material from you in the near future.