Robbie Gambrell

Stunning Robbie Gambrell is fairly new to modelling but he has already worked with some great photographers and we are thrilled to welcome him at Stunning Men

James Weber

Robbie wrote his own biography for us, so get reading to begin to know this sexy man a little and enjoy some shots illustrating his work as a model.

 John Revisky

Who would have thought that someone who has been doing construction work for eight years in the little town of Apollo Beach, Florida would have done a commercial for Elle Fashion, a couture spread in Portafolio Fashion Magazine, shot with some of the best photographers from New York to Miami, starred in a music video (Sheena Brooks - Drank my way to Jesus) or would be sitting here writing a featured bio?

Luis Rafael

I became the only child, at the age of 15, when my older sister “Heather” passed away. I’m the only one left to make my parents proud and make sure they are taken care of in the future. All my tattoos are meaningful, but the six paragraph poem on my back, written for my sister, has the most meaning.

Sabre Mochachino

At 6’2”, 190lbs, I stay in shape by playing basketball four days a week and beach volleyball two days a week. This is not only my workout, but a way I hang out with my friends and have fun. I do a sit-up workout every morning before work and hit the gym everyday after work.

Sean Ocean

My diet consists of a smoothie for breakfast and dinner, then whatever I’m craving for at lunch (my favorite being tacos). Since I’ve never been married and don’t have any kids, my daily routine is easy to follow.

Ignarro Photography

I’ve also done some traveling to Thailand, the Bahamas, Panama and Costa Rica. My modeling career began only nine months ago. After signing with Benz Mondiale in February 2011, I got my first test shoot in St. Petersburg, Florida in front of the camera of Susan Jeffers. I still remember the way I felt with excitement that my modeling career was really about to start.

Seth London

Since that first shoot I can see modeling is a career I really want to pursue and succeed in. Signing with BMG in New York, back in May 2011, has opened up a world of opportunities, from music videos and commercials, to movies and still prints.

Susan Jeffers

So hopefully you’ll see this blue eyed, blonde dreaded, tattoo covered, Florida boy in the fashion world.

 photos by several photogs from Robbie's May 2011 photoshoot in NYC

Check Robbie's Facebook page for more about this stunning model!



TaTaTia said…
Love it great model and amazing shots!
Anonymous said…
absolutely Gods gift to my eyes...i love everything about this kid...from his blue eyes to his bow leg...tattoes and locks maks this man one the the most beautiful men ive ever seen...
Jocelyn said…
Ice, I will always be a fan, go all the way !!!