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Jason Taulb 3

Jason is making his return at and he is leaving us all breathless!
Here are a few shots from his latest update and it is hot hot hot!
I am sure you will agree with me!
Jason can wash my truck anytime he wants! 

4 screencaps from the hot video

new photos of Jason

I suggest you go to and watch  his super hot and sexy video!

All photographic copyrights to Michael Anthony Downs


AJ is another newcomer at and he gives great promise ...

He has a great physique, a handsome face and is a good chatter. 

AJ is a college student nearing graduation with a bachelor's degree in business management. He's interested in working within the commercial insurance industry and also hopes to eventually write a book on business. 

He is from the the midwest and plans to stay in that part of the USA, as his family and friends are all located there. 

AJ is hoping to one day find a girl with whom he shares some interests and settle down and start a family. 

AJ's other interests include nutrition and supplements, movies and sports. His favorite sports are baseball, basketball and football. He's particularly fond of baseball as he has played the sport all his life, including at the collegiate level.

Here are four screencaps from his behind the scene video.

Vital statistics:
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 170lbs
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Hazel
Waist: 31"

New kid on the block Tyler Ogg

Stunning newcomer Tyler is about to join and I wanted to share with you the first few images of this gorgeous young man.
Here are a few screencaps from his intro video at AAG.

Tyler only shows off his guns - but what awesome guns they are! And flashes one of the sexiest and sweetest killer smile I have ever seen!
Hope you enjoy him. Here's to seeing more of Tyler!
Photographic copyrights to Michael Anthony Downs for

Chris T

22 year old Christ T was recently shot by Michael Anthony Downs as a prospective model at
It is very early days yet but I thought I would share a few screencaps from his short introductory video clip.

Screencaps copyrights to Michael Anthony Downs
I like his bad boy look and cheeky ways!

Chris is a personal trainer and attends UGA.
He is a city boy currently living the country life  and he is loving it! 

Chris is very outgoing and apparently loves  getting down and dirty ...

Will we see more of him at AAG in the future? Well, it's too early to say but I hope we do.

vital statistics
Weight: 80kg (176 lbs) Height: 185cm (6'0") Hair Colour: brown Eye Colour: blue

Robbie Gambrell

Stunning Robbie Gambrell is fairly new to modelling but he has already worked with some great photographers and we are thrilled to welcome him at Stunning Men. 
James Weber

Robbie wrote his own biography for us, so get reading to begin to know this sexy man a little and enjoy some shots illustrating his work as a model.
John Revisky

Who would have thought that someone who has been doing construction work for eight years in the little town of Apollo Beach, Florida would have done a commercial for Elle Fashion, a couture spread in Portafolio Fashion Magazine, shot with some of the best photographers from New York to Miami, starred in a music video (Sheena Brooks - Drank my way to Jesus) or would be sitting here writing a featured bio?
Luis Rafael

I became the only child, at the age of 15, when my older sister “Heather” passed away. I’m the only one left to make my parents proud and make sure they are taken care of in the future. All my tattoos are meaningful, but the six paragraph poem on my …