Philip Fusco 3

Michael Anthony Downs has just released some photos of stunning Phil at

As usualy Phil looks gorgeous and sexy and the shots are amazing!

When Phil was presented to AAG when he was barely 18 years of age, he wasn't quite ready physically, roll down several years ... and he has definitely caught up!

With a mixture of hunkiness, sexiness and charm, this magnificent man has quickly become one of the most popular internet models and has several magazine covers and workout spreads and some underwear ad campaigns under his belt. He has also appeared on TV.

All photographic copyrights to Michael Anthony Downs for

If you haven't seen this yet, take a look at a behind the scene photoshoot with photographer Michael Thomas. Also check Michael Thomas blog for more of Phil.

For more news follow Phil on twitter and check his facebook page!


Anonymous said…
Stunning guy and charming to boot.