Cody Matthew Blymire

Stunning American actor and model Cody Matthew Blymire was born in York, Pennsylvania on January 17, 1984. 
Cody went to Eastern York High School, where he began to develop an interest in entertaining. Although there were not many options of entertainment in York, Cody was discovered in a Philadelphia Talent Convention for modelling.

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During high school, Cody did the occasional photo shoot, but wanted more out of entertaining. He graduated salutatorian from his high school, and decided to further his education. While at the York College of Liberal Arts, majoring in Biology, Cody decided to pursue a Theatre Minor. There, he began to craft his acting talent. He then graduated college with a Bachelor's Degree in Biology as well as a Theatre Minor with Dean's List honours.

Adam Bouska

Cody decided to hold off on his Biology career, and pursue his lifelong dream of being an entertainer. So far, he has appeared in the films, 1313: NIGHTMARE MANSION, THE ONE, THANXGIVING, and FRIGHTWORLD.
Cody is set to begin filming the upcoming werewolf horror film, HALLOW POINTE this fall. 
He has been featured in the music video, WAKING THE DEMON by Bullet for my Valentine. 

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Besides acting, Cody has also been doing some work in the modelling scene. He has been featured in some 2xist online ads, as well as modelling for the upcoming comic book series GINGER-STEIN. Cody is modelling for the lead male character, GRADY STONE. 

Mark Brosius

With much motivation, determination and devotion he hopes to become a successful entertainer.
Cody has helped in charities for AIDS research and hopes to help many other charities. His main focus is to help adolescents and young adults be true to who they are, never settle for less, and to aid in helping in equality and acceptance issues. Just recently, Cody has achieved one of his most fond accomplishments by joining the noh8 campaign. He believes this is one of the best organisations / campaigns to be a part of. 

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I am sure that you will join me in wishing Cody 
 the best in both his acting and modelling careers!

Many thanks to Cody for accepting to feature in Stunning Men and providing us with the biography info 
and selection of photos.