Chris Campanioni

Bell Soro

Bell Soro

Stunning Chris Campanioni (or Chris Cuba as he is also known) is an American model from Manhattan, New York. Chris was born in June 1985.

Chris has an amazing slim yet very toned body, with a long torso and a perfectly balanced chest. This combined with gorgeous looks, enhanced by his Hispanic background, make Chris a stunning sexy model. 

 Carlos Arias

He has done all kind of modelling work but his forte is underwear and fitness modelling.

 Frank Louis

Chris has been modelling since 2007 and in past the four years he has gained some impressive modelling credits. For example he has done work for Cosmopolitan magazine and graced the cover of sexy magazines such as Têtu, DNA, which named him sexiest man of the year 2009, and Beautiful Mag as well as campaigns for PLAY underwear, Men Only magazine and C-in2 Underwear.

 Harold Baez

He has also done some acting and had a recurring role as Stewart the bartender on All My Children (2007-2009).

 Jon Malinowski

Chris has worked with photographers such as Frank Louis, Randall Mesdon, Carlos Arias, Bell Soto, Harold Baez and Jon Malinowski among others.

 Randall Mesdon

Chris enjoys the sun and the outdoors and often sports a superb tanned complexion.

He is represented by Silver models.

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Vital statistics:
Height: 6' 1"
Weight: 180 lbs
Measurements: 42-32-32
Hair colour: Blond
Eye colour: Hazel